Ha Tien is a natural gem in southwestern Vietnam.

Cloud-Swallowing Cave
Cloud-Swallowing Cave is a large cave full of mysterious stalactites set inside a huge rocky mount. At dawn, the rock cave appears to swallow the silvery clouds. In the cave, Tien Son pagoda is dedicated to the Buddha while a shrine is dedicated to the holy Lady. Locals gather here to practice religious rites. Local lore associates this cave with a legend about Thach Sanh saving a princess.

This mount is located off National Highway 80, just 3km from the heart of Ha Tien Town.

Tam Bao Pagoda
In the Ten Beauties of ha Tien, this pagoda was called “the pagoda of holy Bells”. Tam Bao pagoda was built by Mac Cuu in 1730 as a place for his mother to practice Buddhism. To date, the pagoda has been governed by 19 chief monks and undergone many restorations. Although the original architecture is unknown, it retains a solemn and quiet ambiance. Over 300 years, the echoing bells have reminded visitors of Mac Cuu’s love for his mother.

Tam Bao Pagoda lies at 75 Phuong Thanh, Binh San Ward, Ha Tien.

Binh San mount
Binh San Mount is where the Mac clan were laid to rest following their illustrious deeds and the construction of ha Tien. The most famous clan members include Viceroy Mac Cuu and his son Mac Thien Tich. Mac Thien Tich called the mount “the Rising Green Mountain”. Measuring just 53m high, its greenery seems eternal. From its peak, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the affluent town of ha Tien.

Binh San Mount lies just over 1km from Ha Tien Town.

Mui Nai village
This tranquil village by Mui nai Beach was praised by Mac Thien Tich as “the Rural Village of Loc Tri”. The village leans against a mountain and is full of fluttering coconut trees and the sounds of murmuring waves. Mui nai Beach draws many visitors as the water is fairly clear and the locals are hospitable. Sunrise on Mui nai Beach is especially captivating.

Mui Nai lies 5km from Ha Tien Town and borders neighbouring Cambodia.

Rising mountain
Just 2km northwest of Cloud- Swallowing Cave, Rising Mountain attracted the praise of poet Mac Thien Tich, who dubbed it “Bird perching Marble Mountain”. The Rising Mountain is a limestone mount that stands 80m high and remains largely unspoiled. Legends tell how precious gems have been found at this site, as residents of ancient phu nam hid their treasures here to save them from looting Siamese and Chenla invaders. The mountain boasts a maze-like network of caves that contain countless stalactites of various sizes. navigating the grottos of Rising Mountain is far from simple as they run for over 3,000m.