Nguyen Thuy

Enjoy your summer holidays in Vietnam’s scenic Thanh Hoa province

With a coastline stretching 102km, Thanh Hoa province takes pride in its famous resort destinations, which include Sam Son, Quang Vinh (Quang Xuong), Hai Tien (Hoang Hoa) and Hai Hoa (Tinh Gia). This province also boasts many beautiful islands of varying sizes, including Me Island, Ne Islet and Nghi Son Island. All are good choices for summer vacations.

Sam Son beach

 When most visitors think of Thanh Hoa they think of Sam Son Beach. Just 15km from the city, this beach was popular with French colonialists, who built the first resort here in 1906. Sam Son is still known as one of the finest beaches in North Vietnam. Sam Son also boasts historical sites and beauty spots recognized for their national significance, such as Doc Cuoc Temple, Co Tien Temple and Male – Female Islets. Visitors also enjoy Sam Son’s fresh and diverse seafood, including Mantis shrimp, mackerel, squid and crabs.

But there’s more to Thanh Hoa than jut Sam Son. Further northeast lies Hai Tien Beach, which is drawing more and more visitors. Spanning 12km, Hai Tien Beach has flat and very white sand and is screened by green casuarina forests. Meanwhile, 45km from Thanh Hoa City lies Hai Hoa Beach, which is blessed with unspoiled natural beauty. Visitors can fish and catch squid at night. Offshore boat trips to the islands of Hon Me, Hon Bang, Bien Son and Nghi Son are also popular.

Hai Hoa beach

Visitors in search of peace and quiet can head for the province’s many islands. Located six km east of the Hau Loc District, Ne Islet is a hilly island that measures some 900m long and boasts tranquil beauty. The islanders have interesting rituals relating to their worship of whales.

Another option is Nghi Son Island in Tinh Gia District. Shaped like a giant arm reaching out to sea, the island seems to embrace deep water and the boats anchored in its harbor. Visitors can explore Tinh Hai Fortress, Ninh Castle and the Jewel Well. The bustling fish market on Nghi Son is a good place to learn more about the lives of local fishermen and watch boats coming in and out of the busy harbor.

Hai Hoa beach

The Me Islet Group is another great choice for a holiday, consisting of 18 unspoiled small islands. With long beaches backed by steep cliffs, the islands have old-growth forests that are home to over 400 plant and animal species. Various precious tree species grow here, as do many kinds of medicinal herbs.

Thanks to its pristine beaches, imposing scenery and fresh air, Thanh Hoa’s tourism industry is expanding. Visitors will find everything from luxurious resorts and casinos  to eco-tours and diving holidays. Lots of flights, plenty of hotels and restaurants and good infrastructure make this a natural choice for a summer holiday. Thanh Hoa looks forward to hosting many visitors this summer.