Charlotte Pham

The Jungfrau region in the Swiss Alps is a wonderland of fairytale villages and towns, deep-blue lakes and majestic snow-capped peaks.

Nestled in the shadows of the mighty Alps, the city of Interlaken is a tourist attraction that is often used as a base for exploring the Jungfrau region, easily accessible to heavenly sites such as Lauterbrunnen valley, the villages of Murren and Wengen and the stunning peak of Schilthorn. However, the city is a scenic destination in its own right, surrounded by mountains topped with snow all year long. A stroll along the Aare River while watching the sun set on mountain ranges and enjoying the fresh air, is pure tranquility. To fully experience Interlaken’s beautiful setting, my companion and I bought tickets to the peak of Harder Kulm. Taking in the vast panorama, I marveled at mountains hidden behind a curtain of clouds and the sapphire-blue Thun and Brienz Lakes alongside rolling fields of green. I thought it might be the most stunning view on my journey, but Jungfrau had many more surprises in store over the coming days of my trip.

The picturesque Lauterbrunnen village

When I set foot in Lauterbrunnen, it seemed as if I was walking into the pages of a storybook. Surrounded on all sides by the towering Alps, the village is a scene of pure charm fields of grazing cows and roads lined by European chalets. The most distinctive feature of Lauterbrunnen is its collection of waterfalls spilling down precipitous cliffs. They are enshrouded by a veil of mist that glitters in the sunlight, appearing as if they are pouring down from heaven. The magnificence of the mountains and beauty of the waterfalls harmonizes with the serene scenery of the village below, delivering a perfect juxtaposition. Lauterbrunnen rendered my camera useless as all photos I took failed to capture what we witnessed at this romantic, poetic and peaceful site.

A waterfall spills down precipitous cliffs

I spent the last day of my trip on the snow-covered peak of Schilthorn at a height of 2,970 meters. To reach the peak, most travelers take cable cars, as summiting the peak is highly dangerous and reserved only for professional climbers. As the cable car ascended Schilthorn, the landscape outside offered a spectacular and constantly changing view, transforming from gradual slopes with green grass to charming villages to imposing mountain ranges covered in snow. Yet, the most impressive view awaited at the end of the cable car ride: Schilthorn peak. As one of Switzerland’s most stunning peaks, the view overwhelms visitors with a horizon of endless snow, mountain ranges and enchanting icy lakes. My companion and I braved the piercing cold and followed a transparent bridge to set our feet onto the frigid peak covered in thick snow. As I set eyes on the vastness of nature, the world seemed to promise so many magical things to experience and explore. Lauterbrunnen village and the majestic Schilthorn, I felt as if I had left a piece of my heart in Jungfrau.

The stunning snow-capped peak of Schilthorn