The Lignes Sensibles jewelry collection by Pierre Hardy reflects the human body with sophisticated, geometric forms.

Collier Hermes reseau lumiere collection Haute Joaillerie Lignes Sensibles

Pierre Hardy, the longtime creative director of shoes for Hermès has a design passion for geometric forms and striking lines. But it was not until Jean-Louis Dumas, CEO of Hermès from 1978 to 2006, extended a jewelry design offer that Hardy was able to find a new way to fully express that passion.

“I have always had a thing for sketches, lines, and objects,” said Hardy. “Then one day, I started sketching my own designs and made a complete career shift with an original collection.”

Mono boucle doreille Hermes reseau lumiere collection Haute Joaillerie Lignes Sensibles

Hardy’s 45-piece jewelry collection, Lignes Sensibles, was launched by Hermès last September and was an immediate hit with geometric forms that managed to highlight the curves of the body as well as hint at its inner workings.

Collier avec Broche amovible et bague Ondes miroirs collection Haute Joaillerie Lignes Sensibles

Made of delicate gold, the pieces feature symmetrically cut, 57-facet diamonds or larger teardrop cut diamonds. Complementing their design splendor is the diverse beauty of nature captured through the incorporation of precious gems such as tourmaline, quartz, topaz, jade and moonstone.

Collier contre la peau collection Haute Joaillerie Lignes Sensibles

Unlike human life, which is finite, Hermès’ precious jewelry transcends time. “It took millions of years for these stones to crystallize, and then years for them to reappear in the aspect they have now,” said Hardy about his jewelry pieces.

Bracelet Hermes Faire corps collection Haute Joaillerie Lignes Sensibles

This train of thought culminated in Hardy’s decision to reconstruct the mysterious cycle of life hidden within each body through closely associated objects. For instance, his necklace was inspired by the stethoscope, which allowsdoctors to tune in to our every heartbeat and breath. Yet its headset, tubing, and diaphragm represented a gateway for a body to communicate its vitality to the world outside where gold, diamonds and precious gems were taking form, ready to serve Hardy’s relentless pursuit of beauty.

Bagues Hermes Faire corps collection Haute Joaillerie Lignes Sensibles

“The jewelry is closer than ever to the body itself,” Hardy said.

Hardy’s approach was further highlighted in the shots taken by French artist and photographer Ange Leccia, who captured bright and cheerful tones in juxtaposition to the elegant and luxurious appearance that Hermès has refined over the past 184 years.

Bague A lecoute collection Haute Joaillerie Lignes Sensibles

 Hardy, once known for ankle strap sneakers and luxury lipsticks, has proved himself a master at breathing life into gold and diamond pieces that celebrate the beauty of women.

The quest for absolute beauty is a goal for each and every Hermès artisan, and somewhere on the interface between dream and reality, Hermès and Pierre Hardy have found a common vision.