Ha Lan Vien

While gallery shows and museum exhibitions around the world have been suspended or limited due to COVID-19, websites and blogs have become essential destinations for art lovers.

Join us this month as Heritage Fashion clicks on five of the world’s top contemporary art blogs.

Lalese Stamps is one of many well-known artists introduced on Colossal


Thisiscolossal.com is one of the art world’s biggest blogs, a site where readers can find articles and information on contemporary art ranging from painting to photography to sculpture to installation art, along with other crafts such as ceramic art and embroidery. In-depth interviews are one of Colossal’s strengths, providing insights into the backgrounds and creative processes of renowned artists. This 10-year-old blog is also a favorite for discovering emerging artists and introducing them to the public.

Jaemin Lee's book cover design on Booooooom.


Đúng như tên gọi đơn giản mà độc đáo của mình, Booooooom.com là một tiếng vang đình đám trong lòng giới mộ điệu nghệ thuật, với khả năng tìm tòi và giới thiệu nhiều gương mặt trẻ từ khắp mọi miền thế giới, và đặc biệt từ Canada, nơi khai sinh ra blog art này. Nghệ sĩ Jeff Hamada, người sáng lập và điều hành Booooooom, ưa thích những tác phẩm mang phong cách nữ tính và đầy chiều sâu. Không chỉ giới thiệu các tác phẩm nghệ thuật, Hamada còn mở một quầy mua sắm online trên Booooooom để các tín đồ yêu nghệ thuật có thể ủng hộ những tác phẩm từ các nghệ sĩ trẻ.

Jedediah Morfit's sculpture artwork unveiled on The Jealous Curator.

The Jealous Curator

When The Jealous Curator (thejealouscurator.com) was launched in 2009, artist Danielle Krysa said that the site was where she wanted to introduce artworks that made her… jealous. In addition to exhibiting eye-catching artwork on her blog, which attracts 230,000 regular visitors, Krysa also highlights reading and listening culture, including exceptional books, impressive talk shows and remarkable podcasts. “I wanted to find a way to flip my jealousy into something positive – admiration and inspiration to be special,” Krysa wrote.

An artwork made of paper of Crystal Wagner on Hi-Fructose


In existence for 15 years, Hi-Fructose is not only a blog that introduces works of art but also a quality printed magazine with a wide variety of content, providing updates on different art styles and trends. While its printed version is published quarterly, the frequently updated online version, hifructose.com, is a highly informative interface that is presents an overflowing and varied art menu. With a concise, succinct and modern writing style, Hi-Fructose lets readers immerse themselves in characteristic contemporary artworks.

Leandro Erlich’s Infinite Staircase on Ignant


Ignant, an online art magazine, is a well-known publication based in Berlin, Germany’s cultural capital. Through its five major categories of Art, Design, Photography, Architecture and Travel, Ignant gives in-depth analyses of artwork under a serious critical lens. Travel destinations introduced on Ignant are vividly depicted in a detailed and thorough fashion, helping readers not only see and understand famous places but also feel their charms and energies.