When a low key boy band with many popular songs visited a region that remains unfamiliar despite its famous tourist sites, the result was an interesting tourism promotion campaign

Da LAB launched their tourism promotion campaign at the seven-tier Da Sar Waterfall in Lac Duong

Many fans don’t recognize Da LAB’s four members’ faces or remember their names, but they know every word of their lyrics and sing along to all of their tunes, including hits like Một nhà (One home), Thanh xuân (Youth), Từ ngày em đến (Once you came), Thc giấc (Waking up), and Nước mắt em lau bng tình yêu mới (Wipe my tears with new love). Since the band formed 15 years ago, its songs have become synonymous with many people’s youth. However their image, and even the name Da LAB, remains a mystery to many fans.

Lac Duong is a district in Lam Dong Province, bordering the north of Dalat City. Destinations long associated with Dalat, such as Lang Biang Mountain, Dan Kia Lake – Golden Stream, Cu Lan Village, Golden Valley, Ghost Forest Inn, Bidoup – Nui Ba National Park, and Zoodoo, lie within Lac Duong District’s territory, but strangely, the region’s name remains unfamiliar.

The band was impressed by the scenery around the waterfall

Da LAB visited Lac Duong in early 2022 and quickly realized that their story had a lot in common with that of Lac Duong District. Thus, the band readily agreed to become ambassadors of Lac Duong and help support the region’s untapped potential and ambitious plans to promote its tourism industry and disseminate socioeconomic information to a wider audience.

When Da LAB returned to Lac Duong in early July 2022, they explored Dasar Waterfall in Da Sar Commune, Lac Duong District and experienced its cool waters rushing from huge cliffs. Seen from above, this one-of-a-kind waterfall is divided into seven levels of rocks. To some, they are akin to a staircase linking heaven and earth. Others compare them to a young woman’s soft flowing hair. This seven-story waterfall is surrounded by forests and white clouds, creating magical scenery that leaves visitors feeling relaxed and happy.