Huong Quynh

Along with breathtaking beaches, Phu Quoc offers majestic natural sites like interlacing creeks and meandering rivers that flow to the sea. Duong Dong is a large river on Phu Quoc, and its estuary offers some of the finest views on the island. This estuary is also culturally important to the locals.

Sacred site

The Duong Dong River starts in the Ham Ninh Mountains, formed by various streams. The river flows through Phu Quoc Town and flows into the sea to the west, under the Cau Rapids, an area of undulating rocks beneath a huge rocky mountain. The most notable landmark is the ancient and sacred Dinh Cau Shrine, reportedly dating back to the 17th century when fishermen from Central vietnam settled here. Facing violent tides and storms, many of these early fishermen perished. When a cliff arose over the sea, the locals deemed it a good omen and built a shrine on the rise. Here, they perform rituals before setting out to sea. local fishermen believe that praying here brings them protection, and the shrine’s fame has spread.

Pilgrims climb 29 steps cut into the rocks to reach Dinh Cau Shrine, which affords a fine view of the area. Seen from this height, the windswept island appears calm and mysterious, with frothy waves rising beneath a purple sunset.

Bustling market

Near the estuary of the Duong Dong River lies the island’s largest market, known as Duong Dong Market. The commercial centre of Phu Quoc, the market stocks whatever local specialties are in season: pepper, fish sauce, fruit and fresh seafood. Prices are reasonable and vendors friendly. Fishing boats return at dawn and anchor in the river to unload their catches, which are carried up to the market. Seafood stalls in Duong Dong Market attract both locals and tourists, since the offerings are fresh and cheap. Known for its diverse seafood, Duong Dong Market offers live squid, processed herring fillets for salads, heavy barrels of shrimp and spider crabs, etc. Traders from the mainland come here to buy mackerel and other fish. Fresh-water fish shrimp, fish and crab are available too, with the fresh-water crabs rivalling sea crabs in size and being famed for their sweet, delicate flesh. visitors should sample local dishes such as Tét cakes with molasses, crab balls, fish balls and rice cake with mackerel soup.

Exploring this estuary gives visitors new insight into local life on Phu Quoc island.