Story: Pham The Hung

Another fascinating destination of Heritage Fashion is Madagascar, a land of unique flora and fauna, including its famed baobab trees.

On my way from the airport to the hotel, the scenes reminded me of my childhood in the Vietnamese countryside in the 1980s, with mostly dirt roads and immense puddles along the roadsides. Antananarivo is situated on numerous hills, which give its streets lively twists and turns. Wealthier families live in French-influenced houses high above, while the poor reside down below in the foothills.

From Antananarivo, it takes a two-day drive to reach Morondava, home of the immense and spectacular baobabs. Must-see destinations here are the avenue of baobabs, 20 kilometers from the city, and the Kirindy Mitea National Park. 

The daily lives of the people in Morondava is a striking experience for visitors as well. Every day, women walk barefoot to the market in the morning, then return home at sunset, carrying their goods on their heads. People everywhere lead their children by the hand or carry them on their backs. Men mostly work on farms and are rarely seen on the streets, as only women go to the market. Like many exotic destinations introduced in Heritage Fashion, this fascinating land offers a rare insight into wondrous nature and unique cultures.