Born and raised in a region blessed by the ancient heritage of the former imperial capital, Tran Thien Khanh is strongly influenced and inspired by traditional culture, particularly the áo dài.

His passion for the traditional costume of Vietnam compelled him to pause his career as a makeup artist and take up designing courses to pursue fashion. After relentless efforts, his journey brought him to the United Kingdom in 2015 to present his collection of Hue royal culture at the Vietnam Discovery program. Just one year after this accomplishment, Tran Thien Khanh became the only designer invited to the Áo Dài Festival in Hue with his collection “Mystique Orient,” inspired by lotus petals. At this time, Tran Thien Khanh also began his collaboration with Heritage Fashion with elaborate photoshoots at heritage sites on the Vietnam Airlines network such as Hue and Siem Reap.

Tran Thien Khanh has successfully created distinctive features for his áo dài, which convey both the spirit of contemporary times and the formal dignity of royal attire. His designs feature skillful use of silk and meticulous hand embroidery to create royal motifs such as the phoenix and the dragon, the four seasons and the eight ornamental treasures and gemstones.

In many of his collections such as “The Mother Goddess Worshipping Belief,” “Ha Van,” and “Thien Thanh Brushstrokes,” Tran Thien Khanh has unveiled images of the old imperial capital and the elegant ladies of Hue. He has left a profound imprint on the public as a designer credited with the preservation and restoration of royal áo dài, while at the same time introducing a novel and fashionable look to this traditional costume.