Giang Lam

Cebu Island delights visitors with salty breezes, shady coconut palms, pristine beaches, and clusters of beachfront bars and restaurants. Highlights of a trip to Cebu include swimming with whale sharks and exploring vibrant coral reefs. Cebu is known for its fine acoustic guitars, which are made locally.

When it comes to the Philippines, shopaholics immediately think of Manila’s modern mega malls, where all the world’s major brands seem to converge, especially when it comes to fashion. Visitors who prefer history and culture may seek out Magellan‘s Cross, which marks the final stop of the great Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan, whose fleet of five ships circumnavigated the globe in the 16th century. Above all, the Philippines is heaven for beach-lovers thanks to its natural geography. The country’s tourism industry rests on its archipelago of 7,170 Pacific islands. Of these, Cebu Island is paradise on earth”.

Cebu is a natural gem. Approaching the island by speedboat, one sees dark water, sapphire blue water, and the shallow water of the reef, crystal clear and vividly reflecting the azure sky. Highlights of a vacation in Cebu include swimming with shark whales, shopping downtown on Colon Street – the oldest street in the Philippines, and visiting San Pedro Fort, tangible witnesses of many significant historical events. Its worth exploring these vestiges and learning more about the incredible voyage of the explorer Magellan, who died on Cebu following a confrontation with the natives. Listening to old stories and considering the life of Magellan makes us appreciate every single moment on this heavenly island even more.

Cebu Island delights visitors with salty breezes, shady coconut palms, pristine sandy beaches, and clusters of beachfront bars and restaurants. Wherever you go, all day long, the entire island thrums with the comforting sounds of guitar melodies.

 Filipinos are inexplicably fond of music. Filipino bands can be found in many parts of the world. Proficient in English, these musicians master most classic songs, particularly those from the 1970s and ‘80s. This applies to Cebu Island, where most tourist sites feature bands playing improvised and unrestrained music. Without a stage or any modern instruments, but only a tambourine and a guitar, a band may spread infectious joy or romantic vibes around a beach.

Visitors to Cebu don’t face linguistic or cultural barriers and can make friends in seconds, as everyone swims, jokes and enjoys local foods and catchy tunes together. No matter what continent you come from you will be swept up by the vocal power of tanned singers crooning timeless hits by ABBA, Boney M or the Eagles…

The scene is incomplete without tropical delicacies and fresh, reasonably priced seafood. Filipino cuisine has been influenced by many cultures, so it’s typical to discern Chinese, Indian or Thai tastes mixed with Western elements in a single meal, in particular in the famous roasted pork dish called “lechon’. Coconut juice is a common ingredient in Cebu cuisine, as well as the most popular drink. Other tropical fruits also delight visitors.

Not everyone on the island can afford to go diving or to swim with shark whales but just bathing in the island’s clear sapphire seas, strolling on the causeway that connects the pier to the beach, enjoying barbecues under shady coconut trees, and swaying to the sounds of humming guitars murmuring in the breeze leave us with deep impressions of this island.