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A typical Tet holiday in Binh Dinh is brightened by golden ochnas from Hao Duc Village, home to ochna trees that migrants and merchants carry all over the country.

Binh Dinh is associated with martial arts and the literate gentry, as well as its long-standing cultural values. While Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh is less famous than other tourist hubs like Danang, Nha Trang or Phu Quoc, it is still enchanting, with unique natural and cultural attractions. A typical Tet holiday in Binh Dinh is brightened by golden ochnas from Hao Duc Village, An Nhon District, home to ochnas trees that are carried nationwide by migrants and merchants.

Hundreds of households in Hao Duc village specialize in growing ochna trees, but some growers are favored in the market because they hold deep-rooted secrets about how to bend, trim and shape ochna bonsais. A beautiful potted ochna blends various elements, as an old saying dictates: “First the root, second the stance, third the trunk, and fourth the flowers”. A perfect ochna bonsai boasts big and solid roots that firmly grip the soil like the horse stance of the province’s famed native martial arts. Basically, the roots must reflect the spirit of an ochna tree, which weathers the atrocities of nature to branch out and greet the sun. In contrast, the trunk and branches should be slender and as gentle as noble, well mannered people.

Few know how many ochna trees from Hao Duc Village are sold, but it is certain that, with a dash of luck, these beaming blossoms help to accentuate the festive spring vibe in Hanoi during the Lunar Tet Holidays. In a program initiated by antique collector Nguyen Vinh Hao called ‘Adorned by peaches and ochnas – A tribute to the militants of Tay Son’, 1,000 ochna trees from Hao Duc were presented to Thang Long – Hanoi. On this occasion, when perennial ochna trees meet the spring chills in the North, their golden radiance delivers the sunshine of Binh Dinh to brighten up the long-standing cultural capital. Hanoi’s frail pink peach blossoms juxtaposed with golden ochnas remind us of the love story of Emperor Quang Trung and Princess Ngoc Han. From far off Hao Duc, splendid ochna trees spread cheerful sunshine to distant shores, bringing a touch of spring to every corner of families’ homes across the country.