Le Anh

Year-round, Moc Chau leaves visitors spellbound

I like to escape the broiling summer sun in Moc Chau. and I have spent winter nights there shivering in the frost. I have watched spring paint the fields in bright colours and enjoyed the local Hmong people’s autumn festivities. Whenever I visit Moc Chau, I am filled with strong emotions.

Radiant spring

As spring sunlight drenches the mountains and hills of Moc Chau, native highland flowers burst into bloom. Peach blossoms, apricot blossoms and plum blossoms adorn the mountain landscape. The pristine beauty is alive with bright colours: pure white plum and apricot blossoms, pink peach blossoms, furrows of mustard flowers and fragile green buds.

National Highway 6 from Hanoi to Moc Chau is beautiful during the spring. a drive along that main route is enough to allow you to admire hills covered with blossoms. backpackers seeking unspoiled beauty can discover flowering forests in far flung hamlets in the border regions. The empty mountains and fields of flowers make this region seem otherworldly.

Lush summer

There is nothing more pleasant than escaping the sweltering summer sun in the lush green and fresh atmosphere of Moc Chau. Visitors can walk through fields and lush green tea hills in Moc Chau Farm Town, enjoy a cool dip in Dai Yem Waterfall or discover famous grottos such as the Five Caves of On Hamlet, Son Moc Huong Grotto or the bat Cave. The pine forest of ang Hamlet is a much loved destination for tourists, who may mistake it for Dalat thanks to the peaceful pine forest reflected on the calm lake. In early summer, visitors to Moc Chau can visit peach and plum gardens to learn about people’s daily lives and help with the fruit harvest.

Gentle autumn

Moc Chau is always tranquil, yet the autumn’s chilly breezes lend the highlands a more gentle, feminine veil. Views of undulating tea hills and greenery vibrate your heartstrings. Hill after hill, green after green, terraced tea fields and heart shaped fields loom behind white daisies and long grass that sways in the breeze. It’s time for every hamlet to harvest the rice. Climb high up to obtain a panoramic view of the rice terraces at their finest. Those who travel to Moc Chau in the autumn shouldn’t hesitate to join the Independence Day festivities of Hmong people on September 2nd. While the traditional Hmong Tet is just celebrated with family and neighbours, Independence Day connects various Hmong communities from different localities who gather in Moc Chau to celebrate. Tourists will be enchanted by the locals’ colourful traditional clothes and have many opportunities to join the festivities.

Fascinating winter

Despite the chilly climate, Moc Chau’s winter is full of charm. as soon as the white mustard
flowers start to bloom, Moc Chau is flooded with visitors who come to see this heavenly flora. The unpaved roads are lit up with golden wild sunflowers and red poinsettias, or frail wild flowers. You will forget the existence of time as you become fascinated by the flowers, taking photos of white mustard flowers in ba Phach Hamlet, bua Hamlet or ang Hamlet…