Binh Nguyen

When asked their favourite season, many people choose the autumn – A time of year synonymous with romance. Heritage travels the world to present some spectacular autumn destinations

White Mountains, New Hampshire, US

Around 160km north of Boston, the White Mountains are draped in colour each autumn. Visitors can admire the tallest mountain in Northeastern America, Mount Washington, and view the tranquil scenery of Lake Winnipesaukee. Perennial forests resemble a golden tapestry in the autumn, while the area’s lakes shine under blue skies. The park draws hikers, artists and photographers eager to capture its autumnal beauty.

Pitiochry, Scotland

In October, the flora of the glens around Pitlochry turn gold or pale red. The radiant foliage is mirrored in Faksally Lake. Locals collect mushrooms in the woods and herds of deer add to the scene’s peaceful beauty. With its old houses, festivals and men in tartan kilts, the town’s traditional beauty enchants visitors.

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania has more to offer than legends about vampires, its twisting mountain lanes winding through beautiful forests. Long isolated from Europe, this land remains mysterious. Visitors can tour the ancient castle said to have been home to Count Dracula, and explore precarious trails through the Carpathian Mountains. In the autumn, Transylvania’s forests turn red and gold. Fields of barley and gardens are drenched in bright colours. This region is said to be one of the prettiest in Central Europe.

Bavaria, Germany

In southern Germany, autumn brings a harmonious mix of red maple leaves set against a background of deep blue mountain ranges. The landscape here is quiet and peaceful, although every town hosts a weekend beer festival. Visitors should not miss the imposing beauty of Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the finest castles in the world. The castle’s belfries, towers and fortress walls stand out against the blue sky. This region retains a fairytale beauty fit for epic heroes and graceful princesses.