Duy Hai

We explore some of Dalat’s finest waterfalls

Nestled in the Lam Vien highlands at a height of 1,500m above sea level, Dalat is surrounded by mesmerising mountain scenery. Along with tranquil, pine-covered hills, fields of flowers and charming old villas, Dalat is known for its beautiful waterfalls.

Prenn Falls

At the gateway to Dalat and below Prenn Pass just 12km from the city centre, Prenn Falls resembles a pure white curtain. The thin cascade falls from a forward-leaning cliff with an empty void behind it. A bridge was built behind the waterfall to allow visitors to walk into the heart of the waterfall. hold out your hand and touch the droplets for a memorable experience. Prenn Falls are regarded as a natural symbol of Dalat because they add to the harmonious beauty of the mountains, fountains and greenery.

Datanla Falls

Situated in a complex of waterfalls in the Datanla tourist Zone in Dalat, the Datanla Falls enchant visitors thanks to their pristine appearance and legendary associations. Although the falls are only 20 metres high, they are very popular with visitors who climb 200 steps to reach the top. A modern slide system then runs for 1,000 metres downhill, offering a thrilling ride for tourists. The Datanla Falls are located in the Datanla tourist Zone, 10km south of central Dalat city.

Pongour Falls

Located in Duc trong District, 50km south of central Dalat, the Pongour Falls were dubbed “the finest waterfalls in all of Indochina” by the French colonialists. e perennial forests surrounding these falls remain relatively unspoiled, with a wealth of diverse flora. The falls descend 40 meters and feature six steps. Locals claim that no trip to Dalat is complete without a visit to the base of these falls. In the rainy season, the falls toss up plumes of spray. In Lunar mid-January they are the site of a major festival.

Untamed Elephant Falls

Those who love to outdoor adventures will delight in canyoning down elephant Falls, a thundering cascade surrounded by lush greenery. Bold visitors descend past giant rocks that resemble wild elephants, climb precipitous stone steps, cross bridges over ravines and explore caverns. The view from the top of Untamed elephant Falls is magnificent. The silvery cascade cuts through the surrounding jungle. elephant Falls are located in Nam Ban town, Lam ha District, 25km southwest of Dalat City.