Author: Son Tung
Photographer: Pham Phung

APEC Park draws visitors with its unique architecture and outstanding views.

The shadows of COVID-19 are slowly fading, giving rise to new hopes in Danang, a beautiful beach city in Central Vietnam. To welcome the brighter future the whole city has a new look that is as modern and colorful as it is artistic. Amidst this multifaceted landscape, APEC Park adds an unconventional touch. Designed to evoke a “Kite Over the Han River”, APEC Park is once again welcoming visitors from all over the world.

APEC Park offers stunning views

Inaugurated in January 2022, this “Kite Over the Han River” is ideally located between two famous bridges: Rong and Tran Thi Ly. The project lies on a main artery in Danang, which runs from Danang International Airport to the beach and connects the traditional Hai Chau District and the modern Son Tra District. Covering 9,000 square meters, APEC Park has a dome of nearly 790 square meters and is shaped like a kite flying in the wind, symbolizing the aspirations of this vibrant city. Seen from afar, the curvy lines may remind a daydreamer of peaceful waves on the Han River.

The design evokes a flying kite

APEC Park features a basement, two semi-ground floors, and a top floor with a unique dome design. After parking in the basement, you can visit the first floor to learn more about the city and discover souvenir shops and exhibitions. On the second floor you can get lost among green brushes, a lake, and various miniature gardens while gazing in awe at the building’s wavy dome.

Don’t forget the top floor where you can take in the whole breathtaking horizon. Under the radiant sun, you will enjoy magnificent views of Son Tra Mountain behind Rong Bridge. At night, the shimmering lights on the banks of the Han River illuminate and showcase a new corner this transforming city. The park also offers many aquatic performances that unite music, splendid lights, and countless water jets.

Rong Bridge and APEC Park are two iconic sights in Danang

Next to “the Kite” lies 2/9 Street, which features many shops and restaurants. After dark, this busy street resembles Saigon’s Bui Vien or Hanoi’s Ta Hien streets. With dense clusters of restaurants, coffee shops, and clubs, this is the place to enjoy Danang’s exciting nightlife. The youthful and exciting vibe leaves both visitors and locals feeling refreshed and carefree.

If you’re headed to Danang for a summer vacation, be sure to visit APEC Park to marvel at its one-of-a-kind architecture and enjoy the tranquility of a green and welcoming space next to the romantic Han River.