As we enter the Year of the Monkey, we introduce some of Vietnam’s most rare and endangered monkeys

Grey-Shanked douc monkey

The “Year of the Monkey” starts on February 8th 2016. The people born under this Zodiac sign are thought to share many qualities with their animal counterparts: they are known to be intelligent, quick-witted, optimistic, and adventurous. This is hardly surprising, since monkeys, along with apes and gibbons, chimpanzees, and gorillas, are our closest relatives, and with their quick fingers and engaging play, are a source of great fascination to us.

Con Dao Macaque

Vietnam is home to 25 recognised species of monkeys. Eleven of these are listed as Critically Endangered – the most endangered a species can be. Five of Vietnam’s primates are consistently listed on the “Top 25 Most Endangered Primates in the World” list.

You can help these monkeys survive by taking an active stance against wildlife trafficking. If you see monkeys for sale as pets or parts of monkeys being sold as souvenirs or for medicine, please call Education for Nature Vietnam’s toll-free hotline number – 1800 1522.

Langurs in Cat Ba

Buying any wildlife products, including primates, whether for pets, for their perceived medicinal properties or as bush meat, is not only illegal under Vietnamese law but robs future generations of Vietnamese people of their unique natural heritage.

Vietnam’s monkeys are beautiful, clever and rare and should be seen as great national assets. Their uniqueness is potentially a huge draw for scientists and tourists, and should be valued and treasured as a source of national pride. Losing them would mean a loss of heritage, culture, and a part of what makes Vietnam’s ecosystems so distinctive and enchanting. In the Year of the Monkey, let’s all work together to protect these incredible creatures.