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Road trips epitomize freedom and adventure. We present some of the world’s most dangerous and thrilling roadways

Ladder of the demon dwarf
Trollstigen is widely recognized as one of the most impressive mountain roads in Norway, and is often included on lists of the world’s most spectacular roads. In Norwegian, Trollstigen means “ladder of the demon dwarf”. It is located in Romsdal, approximately 15km south of Åndalsnes. This road is famous for its steep incline of 9% and 11 hairpin bends winding up the Stigrora mountainside. The road is narrow with little tracks just wide enough for two cars to pass each other. Seen from above, Trollstigen resembles a maze. A 320m-high waterfall called Stigfossen is located nearby.

Deadly passage
The name “Road of Death” makes many people shiver. North Yungas Road in Bolivia is the main road between La Paz and Coroico town. Viewed from afar, it is hard to see this narrow road, which measures just three meters and cuts through vast greenery. North Yungas road is a symbolic line between life and death, with a towering mountain on one side and a 600m drop into a canyon on the other side. Under extreme weather conditions, North Yungas Road is even scarier, its slippery surface engulfed in dense fog. The 70km trip would seem like the longest journey of your life.

The “Silk Road”
Located in the Himalayas, the Karakoram Highway was built with Pakistani investment, connecting China and Pakistan across the Karakoram mountain range and Khunjerab Pass. The Karakoram Highway is also known as the “Friendship Highway”. Apart from being the world’s highest paved road, it is part of the legendary Silk Road. With magnificent scenery and heights of up to 4,693 meters above sea level, the Karakoram Highway attracts visitors eager to enjoy the beauty of one of world’s most spectacular mountain passes. With a total length of 1,200km, the Karakoram Highway is a journey full of narrow bends and unexpected dangers. Thrill-seekers are drawn to explore this challenging and exciting highway.

Spectacular colors
In Taiwan, a rocky chasm of beautiful emerald-green marble slabs runs along the Liwu River. Called Taroko Gorge, this site is especially stunning at night, when the scenery turns to indigo and the road is bathed in golden lights. As well as being beautiful, driving through Taroko Gorge is challenging. The road is narrow and winding and the region prone to foggy weather. There is a high risk of landslides during rainstorms. Taroko Gorge begins in the Dongshi District, Taichung and connects to the Hualien Highway.