Our plane is descending to land at beautiful Nha Trang city. At the moment, the sea appears like a painting with a curved sandy beach embracing the shiny sea. In the deep blue sea, i can see islands with interesting shapes.

Nha Trang bay is often voted one of the most beautiful bays in the world thanks to its stunning scenery. The bay boasts 19 small and large islands where tourists can enjoy nature and discover the cultural values of Vietnam.

Hon Chong –  Where sea, sky and mountains meet
Only 3km from downtown Nha Trang city, Hon Chong is a world away from the bustle of the city. Visitors are surprised to see beaches with stacked stones that look very unstable but have withstood centuries of wind and waves. One large boulder is said to bear a strange handprint. According to legend, a fisherman came to shore and spied some fairies playing on the beach. He tried to hide and watch but was seen and fell down, leaving a handprint in a stone where he tried to hold on. On hon chong, the sea, sky and mountains meet.

Hon Mun – The most diverse marine ecosystem in Vietnam
Local people say: “if you did not take the four-island tour, you have not yet experienced Nha Trang!” Among the main islands, the starting point for tours is Hon Mun. This island got its name because its southeastern side boasts many erect black stones. Hon Mun is famous for the most magnificent aquarium in southeast asia. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) considers this area to have the most diverse marine life in Vietnam. Hon Mun has 1,500 types of coral. visitors who enjoy diving and snorkelling should not miss the chance to explore this island’s colourful underwater world.

Hon Tam – A perfect place to relax
About 10 years ago, Hon Tam was deserted. Today, it is a popular ecotourism place in Nha Trang. Ahaped like a silkworm, the island has many resorts but still retains its lush tropical forests and white beaches. Tourists come here to swim in crystal-clear water and explore the island’s small roads. active visitors can enjoy sports like sailing, kayaking, diving, football, volleyball, etc.

Hon Mot – A peaceful fish village
Hon Mot is the smallest island in Nha Trang bay with an area of less than 1 square km. Hon Mot is a favourite stop for visitors, thanks to its clear blue sea and picturesque local villages. Most of the island’s residents fish and practice aquaculture, especially raising prawns. There are also green orchards on the island. boat tours often bring visitors here to enjoy fresh seafood lunches and locally grown fruit.

Hon Tre – A bustling destination
Hon Tre is the biggest island in Nha Trang bay, linked to the city by the world’s longest cable car to cross the sea. Hon Tre welcomes many visitors with its magnificent scenery and modern amusement park. Hot and sunny year round, Hon Tre boasts beautiful beaches.Visitors can also boat around the bay, and hike or mountain bike to local beauty spots. Visitors will discover new pleasures surrounded by the vast sky and sea.