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Một tác phẩm trưng bày được làm từ các container tại Trung tâm nghệ thuật Cảng số 2

Works of art imbued with contemporary features are found everywhere from museums to ports, railway stations, and in the streets.

Kaohsiung is known as an arts “capital”.

Kaohsiung has long been known among painters and art lovers in Vietnam for its contemporary arts scene. With its fine art museums, private galleries, and street art, Kaohsiung surprises visitors who love contemporary art.

The first stop on your artistic journey should be Jiuru Street Art Factory. Formerly an old factory in an abandoned train station, it was transformed by local authorities into a place for artists to unleash their graffiti art talent.

Chiếc ghế sắt hoang phế trở thành vật trưng bày trong tổng thể một trung tâm nghệ thuật
Tạo hình robot tại Trung tâm nghệ thuật Cảng số 2

With similar goals and the support of local artists, an old pier was turned into the Pier-2 Arts Center in Yancheng district. Visitors will find a bustling, beautiful, and lively atmosphere. Start at the end of Dayong Street, which has a sea view and lies next to the Love River. You can enjoy local street art and architecture made from recycled shipping containers. The impressive artwork boasts a red color and an interesting visual style that represents this bustling and dynamic port city. The Pier-2 Arts Center is like an outdoor museum, featuring murals, sculptures, and installations artworks. Scattered over a kilometer along the Love River, these works take visitors on a journey of artistic discovery.

Trang trí nghệ thuật tại ga tàu điện ngầm
Trung tâm Triển lãm Cao Hùng
Công viên Singuang Riverside tại trung tâm thành phố Cao Hùng

This interesting venue is the result of government support, with many annual events, workshops, and street art festivals attracting artists from all over the world to demonstrate their talents on the facades of houses, ports, workshops, railway stations, etc. Notable names include Taiwanese artists Mr. Ogay, Bamboo Yang, Leho_Paint, Debe, and Candy Bird; Sen2 from Puerto Rico; Sliks from Brazil; and Cloakwork from Malaysia. The Kaohsiung Cultural Bureau sends out a clear message about street art: “Promote art in public and to the public”.


Tạo hình mặt tiền của một tiệm cafe giống với thư viện khổng lồ 86
Murals on exterior walls in the Pier-2 Art Center
A sculpture in the Pier-2 Art Traffic sign in Pier-2 Art Centre

Besides the Pier-2 Arts Center, a lot of street art may be found in other locations around Kaohsiung, such as the Lingya Street Art District. In this “arts village”, local artists have turned everything on the street into a contemporary artwork. Other interesting destinations include the Qianjin Street art area with works by the South Korean artist Xeva; and the area around the National Basketball Court, where the Taiwanese artist Bamboo Yang has painted images of basketball players on the building’s walls. Fongsan is another great venue for street art. For fans of street art, Kaohsiung is one of the best cities in Asia.