Story: Vu Linh
Photos: Nguyen Tien Trinh, Le Viet Khanh

Located on Vietnam’s South Central coast, Quy Nhon boasts some of Vietnam’s most stunning coastal scenery

Nhon Hai, Quy Nhon

Vast sapphire skies and fresh ocean breezes draw visitors to Quy Nhon, where they can enjoy empty beaches and the area’s rugged natural beauty. Tourists who explore Eo Gio, Ky Co Beach, Trung Luong and nearby fishing villages discover both serenity and excitement.

Ky Co Beach is arguably the most impressive beach in the region. Located 25km from downtown Quy Nhon, Ky Co is special because it bends like a sickle. Backed by mountains on three sides, the beach faces the deep blue sea. Tourists can travel here by boat, admiring the rocky and picturesque coastal landscape on the way. Another option is to reach Eo Gio (Windy Straight) by motorbike and board a small boat to Ky Co Beach. Visitors come here to swim in the crystal water, relax on the beach and enjoy fresh seafood. There are also some caves to explore. Pineapple Beach offers colorful coral.

Sunset in Thi Nai, Quy Nhon

Eo Gio is also worth visiting, blessed with a harmonious landscape of rocks, sky, clouds and water.

Rang Rapid is one of the most spectacular natural gifts bestowed upon this city. Lying three km south of downtown, Rang Rapid (Ghenh Rang) consists of a series of rocky walls set near the sea. After dark the rocks appear even more mysterious. Set below high mountains, the rocks and sea shine silver in the light of the moon and stars twinkle in the clear dark sky.

The Queen Beach

Another natural marvel is known as Queen Beach – a rocky beach covered with large rocks in strange rounded shapes. Visitors like to walk barefoot on these rocks, which resemble giant eggs. The colors are striking – white, red, grey or patterned… This rocky beach has an otherworldly beauty.

Hungry from exploring Quy Nhon’s spectacular landscape, visitors can enjoy this region’s famed fresh seafood and local dishes. The town has lots of cafes where guests can relax, watch the sea and recharge in preparation for their next adventure.