Huong Quynh

Vietnam’s northern mountains entice to adventurous travellers. the best time to discover the highlands is when the wild flowers are in bloom.

Enchanting Buckwheat flowers
The buckwheat flower season peaks as autumn withers in late October and early November. These blooms are pink, white and purple. The flower features three petals joined together to form a cone, with a buckwheat seed in the centre. Vast fields of flowers cover the mountainsides like ephemeral silk scarves. Backpackers flock to Ha Giang to admire the pink and white buckwheat flowers. In late October, winter seems to descend upon Ha Giang, yet its spiky mountains are never dreary thanks to the boundless carpets of flowers. From Quan Ba to Yen Minh, Dong Van and around Nho Que River, and meandering around precipitous bends over Ma Pi Leng Pass to Meo Vac, buckwheat flowers blanket the ground. Locals grow buckwheat as a staple food.

Yellow mustard in Ha Giang

White mustard flowers in Moc Chau
White mustard flowers are in full bloom from late November to the end of December. No other places can rival Moc Chau – Son La in terms of white mustard blooms. The route from Hanoi to Moc Chau is less than 200km and its fine bends are packed with backpackers’ vehicles. During the white mustard season, Moc Chau is even more charming than usual. As the sun gently shines, the Moc Chau Highlands are blanketed in breathtaking silver. Ban Ang Pine Forest is dreamily beautiful, and even lovelier than usual because of the vast white mustard fields that lie nearby. Friendly locals delight in the sight of visitors and are happy to pose for photos in their fields. During a trip to Moc Chau you should visit the white mustard fields near Ba Phach Hamlet, Ngu Dong, On Hamlet.

Apricot trees in the Northwest Highlands

Flowering fruit trees and mustard flowers
As winter turns to spring, the Northwest Highlands are ablaze with flowering peach, apricot and plum trees. Pure pink peach blossoms or white, sparkling plum and apricot blossoms melt many hearts, despite a long, weary journey around hairpin bends. Sapa is even more crowded in the spring as flower lovers flock to admire its peach blossoms. Adventure lovers prefer far-flung locations such as Bac Ha, Y Ty (Lao Cai), Thuan Chau (Son La) and Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai).

The Northwest Highlands in the Spring

In early spring, the fields glow with gorgeous yellow mustards flowers that overwhelm visitors to isolated northern hamlets. Ethnic minority people grow mustard plants for their seeds, so mature plants rise toward the sky while tiny plants surround them, waving in the wind. Here and there, a yellow sea of flowers carpets the ground beneath a vibrant peach tree. Photographers will love the brilliant colours.

Peach blossoms

Dreamy Bauhinias
As spring turns to summer and brings drizzle, white bauhinias transform the Northwest Highlands. Ethnic Thai people compare bauhinias to platonic and faithful love. Bauhinias in full bloom herald a bumper crop. Travelling to Son La or Dien Bien, visitors seem lost in a legendary kingdom of white bauhinias. These blooms peak in March and April, then blanket the earth in white.

Whatever the season, visitors will love Vietnam’s stunning Northern. But when the wild flowers are in bloom, the Highlands are especially beautiful.