One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Hong Kong is known for its dazzling nightlife, great shopping and fun theme parks. We explore some of its highlights

An iconic boat peacefully surfs along the coast near Victoria Harbour

Since colonial times, the Peak has been the top sightseeing destination for visitors to Hong Kong. Located in the western half of Hong Kong Island, this 552-metre-high mountain is officially known as Victoria Peak. Visitors can ride a famous tram up the mountain. This tram appeared in the classic 1955 movie “The Soldier of Fortune” starring Clark Gable. From the top, visitors can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, the green hills of the New Territories and the iconic, busy Victoria Harbour. As twilight paints the sky in shades of pink and orange, Hong Kong is transformed into a sparkling expanse of shimmering lights. On the Peak, visitors can explore gardens, parks, two shopping centres and restaurants. The properties located at the summit of the Peak are the most expensive real estate in the world.

A wonderful world of magic and adventure awaits in Disneyland Hong Kong. Divided into seven themed-worlds, this fantastic amusement park brings heart-warming moments to visitors of all ages. Live music shows and parades star iconic Disney characters. Year-round, there are seasonal events, from the Summer Festival to the scary Halloween celebrations to a beautiful White Christmas. Along with the realms of Disney princesses, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, Hong Kong Disneyland features an exclusive area called Mystic Point – a brand new world only found in Disneyland Hong Kong. Mystic Point is the land of mysteries and legends. This theme park is great for families. Parades and musical shows feature iconic Disney characters Disneyland Hong Kong is a top destination for families.

For shopaholics, Hong Kong is an inviting destination. The biggest shopping centre in Hong Kong is Harbour City, which covers most of Canton Road in Kowloon. Also not to be missed is Times Square, home to 230 shops, 20 restaurants and a fantastic supermarket in Causeway Bay. Also in Causeway Bay lies the open-air Jardine’s Crescent Market, popular with young people who come here to buy fashionable clothes and quirky gifts. The PMQ (Police Married Quarters) Night Market on Temple Street is a great place for souvenirs. Be sure to bargain! For gifts more representative of Hong Kong, head to the Jade Market, located at the intersection of Kansu and Battery streets in Kowloon. Here, busy stalls sell jade jewellery and statuettes.

Shopping in Hong Kong is an important part of the local culture

A small square of streets in Central, Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong is a crowded bar district popular with expats and tourists. Home to over 100 restaurants, bars and pubs, these narrow streets comes alive after dark. Visitors can find watering holes to suit every mood – from stylish wine bars to raucous Irish pubs. On special occasions such as Halloween, the streets are packed with partiers. Long ago, these streets were home to marriage matchmakers. Before World War II, many food hawkers congregated here. Lan Kwai Fong’s bars and restaurants started to go upscale in the mid-1980s.