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Nestled by the blue waters of the Mediterranean’s “Côte d’Azur”, Èze resembles a diamond in the rough. Here, crystalline seas and magnificent mountains enfold a medieval village full of impressive old architecture.

The ruins of Èze Fortress, built in the 12th century

The medieval village of Èze

Only a half-hour drive from Nice, the village of Èze is a world away from Nice’s bustle. The village lies perched in the mountains and retains the simple architecture from centuries past, with its oldest building dating from the 1300s.

To step into this village is to get lost in a maze of stone walls and houses built closely together, creating narrow, steep, and crooked paths. With its strong stone archways, signs written in old-style text, and lamps with rusted frames hanging on ancient walls, Èze takes us back to the past.

Visitors explore the narrow cobbled paths of Èze

After striding along paved roads and climbing many stairs flanked by lush green grass and colorful flowers, tourists are surprised to find themselves at the top of the village. Located at an altitude of 430m, Èze offers stunning panoramic views of the Jardin Exotique d’ Èze cacti garden, romantic surrounding mountains, and the deep blue sea below. Scanning the horizon and admiring the immense sky and sea, mountain ranges, and ancient orange-tinted roofs, I felt as if the past and present had merged. Life felt amazingly serene.

The pebbled beach of Èze Sur-Mer

From the village of Èze, tourists can take a bus or walk on a mountain track to reach dreamy Èze Sur-Mer Beach. If you have enough stamina, you should walk to this beach. In the gentle sun and soft breezes, every drop of sweat on the trail is worth the view that awaits.

The Jardin Exotique d’Èze offers stunning panoramic views

Reaching the foot of the mountain, visitors will find a beach with crystal-clear, soul-soothing waters. This view delights everyone. The beach is surrounded by sloping mountain ranges that hug the ivory-tinted pebbles on the beach. An endless expanse of sea blends into the horizon, erasing the boundary between sea and sky. Near the shore, the cliffs resemble randomly-arranged sculptures, creating a wild and unique natural tableau.

Ancient orange-tiled roofs contrast with the blue sea

The typically cool waters of the Mediterranean Sea flow over an array of differently-shaped rocks, soothing bare feet on pebbles scorched by the early summer sun. After a day of travel, I felt a sense of great contentment. In this poetic setting, visitors can spread out a blanket to enjoy a light picnic, feasting on decadent “jambon beurre” sandwiches with cold cuts and butter, or France’s signature fragrant chocolate pastry, “pain au chocolat”. Let the sun and wind lap against your skin as you splash in the clear waters of Èze Sur-Mer. The sounds of swimmers breaking the water, waves crashing against the cliffs, and the softly melodic French spoken all around contribute to the European ambiance, which feels romantic, peaceful, and charming.

In just one day, tourists can stroll through a beautiful medieval village, hike along a meandering mountain path, tan under the sun, and dip in the clear blue Mediterranean waters. Èze’s serenity and pristine beauty help visitors to temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy moments of pure bliss.