Yen Linh 

Jacaranda is a flowering tree that comes into purple bloom when spring fades away and summer arrives in tropical and subtropical countries. Not home to native jacaranda species, Brisbane is nonetheless known as “The Jacaranda City”,  thanks to its abundance of the trees which brighten the town with the flower’s signature purple shade.

Jacaranda is densely grown in various corners across Australia, particularly in Brisbane, Melbourne, Grafton and Sydney. In Brisbane, which is warmer than Sydney and Melbourne, jacaranda starts to come into bloom under the spring sun in September, but it is not until late October and early November that purple blankets the city and its fragrance perfumes every street corner. The stunning beauty of the trees creates a fairytale-like setting for both visitors and locals alike. 

A jacaranda tree by a lake in a park is a vision of serenity and charm. Under the leafy glade, children frolic while their parents savor some idyllic spring moments, as breezes carry purple petals away to drop on the lush green law below. There are two destinations in Brisbane where jacaranda is finest and most popular: the campus of Queensland University and New Farm Park. 

Queensland University is famed not only for its rich history, academic accolades and fine architecture, but also as a much sought-after destination in the purple jacaranda season. Stepping onto the university campus, a purple heaven reveals itself. While some shades of purple are associated with a sense of melancholy, jacaranda is a beaming and robust purple, further brightened by the students chatting and laughing all around the campus. 

Fans of the charming flowers should not miss New Farm Park, which spans over 15 hectares. Located on the outskirts of Brisbane, the park boasts numerous festivities held both day and the night. The complex consists of the park and its neighboring marketplaces, cultural centers and breathtakingly splendid gardens that send fragrances far and wide in springtime to celebrate the blooming jacaranda. You can stroll along meandering lanes flanked by dense jacaranda trees or walk across the river and stop under the shade of the gentle purple clouds ahead that shed fairylike petals. In jacaranda season, locals often hold barbecue parties here to celebrate the purple spring. Free grills are available throughout the park, and there is plenty of space for families and friends to relax and for children to play. 

The park also offers stylish cafés where visitors can sip drinks and admire the flowing nature outside the windows. It is said that Brisbane is at its finest in springtime. Come here and get lost in the marvelous purple realm of the “City of Jacaranda” and immerse yourself in spring festivals of this charming and vibrant city.