Linh Yen

Autumn arrives, sweeping you off your feet. Let’s join Heritage and explore some magnificent roads as the trees change color.

Mapple trees at Yamadera Temple (Yamagata - Japan)

Autumn Magic In Northeast Asia

Autumn might be the most poetic time of the year to visit Japan, Korea, or China. From September to November, trees lining the roadsides turn red and yellow. If Korea is your top choice, don’t miss the most beautiful road in this romantic country – Hyeonchungsa Road. Lined with gingko trees, this road runs for about 2 kilometers along the bank of the Gokgyo River. The old trees spread their branches far and wide. From Seoul, it takes about an hour by car to reach vast and relaxing natural areas, where yellow trees add to the breathtaking autumn scenery, reminiscent of scenes in Korean dramas.

Midi Canal (Toulouse - France)

The gingko is also the signature tree of autumn in Beijing. Representing strength and tenacity, this tree’s beauty peaks in the fall and is even more enchanting when the leaves begin to fall, weaving a yellow carpet under your feet. Beijing residents love to admire golden gingko leaves in the autumn along the sides of Diaoyutai Road, where tall, straight trees have stood for ages. Each fall, this place inspires many artists.

Autumn is also called “Momiji” in Japan, which refers to maple leaves turning bright red.  Red maples transform the land of the rising sun into a fairy-land. Against a tapestry of bright leaves, temples, and pagodas appear even more outstanding. As autumn arrives, the road leading up Mount Houju, where Yamadera Temple in Yamagata prefecture is reached by climbing more than a thousand steps, is crowded with tourists. They come to admire the leaves and the roadside scenery of poetic yellow and red forests.

Sparkling Europe In The Autumn

Europe is at its most romantic in the autumn, with gentle rivers, antique architecture, and forests with red and gold leaves. You will never forget the fluttering excitement and  soulful beauty of a stroll down romantic streets in Moscow, Paris, Budapest or London.

Wandering up and down along the trails of Moscow’s Sparrow Hills, you will drift beneath golden maple and poplar trees. Between the trees, wild grasses stretch as far as the eye can see, painting peaceful and relaxing views.

It’s best to visit the land of romance – France – in the autumn. Visiting Midi Canal, northeast of Toulouse, is a must. In the fall, this region is picture-perfect. Colorful trees line the scenic roads and canals, where drifting boats arouse a peaceful and dreamy feeling.

Poetic North America

Poetic North America

As autumn knocks on the door, America’s rural roads grow even more breathtaking thanks to the poetic beauty of autumn foliage before the cold winter. At this time of year, the most splendid road in the United States is Blue Ridge Parkway, which runs for about 775 kilometers, connecting Shenandoah National Park and Great Smokey Mountains Park. This road runs through many forests and spectacular mountain ranges. The views are at their best when the leaves turn, creating captivating arrays of different colors.

Canada also boasts roads of heavenly beauty in the fall, including the Niagara Parkway. Running for 55 kilometers beside the Niagara River, which forms the border between the United States and Canada, the Niagara Parkway has a rich history and connects Fort Erie with Fort George. Traveling along this road, you will pass through beautiful villages and breathtaking landscapes. As the trees turn red, orange, and gold, you will see why this road is hailed as one of the best places in the world for an autumn road trip.