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Located in southeastern Australia, Sydney is famous for its natural, peaceful, and lively beauty. Should you ever have the chance to visit, you’ll understand why Sydney draws visitors from all over the world.

Sydney Opera House

There aren’t many cities that brim with life and are as modern, yet romantic and charming, as Sydney. To enjoy the best view of this city, newcomers should visit the Sydney Tower. It takes just 40 seconds by elevator to ascend the highest building in Sydney. Here, you will be fascinated by the city’s glamor as the Opera House shines like a pearl in the midst of the vast blue sea.

The Sydney Opera House stands proudly, boasting distinctive architecture, resembling billowing sails at sea. Recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 2007, it’s the youngest architectural structure in the world to receive this honor. This one-of-a-kind building attracts more than 8.3 million visitors and hosts 3,000 cultural and art events every year.

Australian National Maritime Museum

A few steps away from the Opera House lies the Sydney Harbor Bridge – the largest steel through arch bridge in the world, recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Spanning Sydney Harbor like a rainbow, the bridge adds poetry to the harbor’s scenery. Known as a bridge of romance, it has witnessed over 4,000 proposals and weddings. Along with the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is a symbol of pride for Sydney and Australia. The harbor is a world-famous destination you shouldn’t miss.

As Australia’s largest and oldest city, Sydney carries many traces of its history. Time seems to stand still in the city’s old streets and in its many magnificent, ancient buildings, such as the Sydney Town Hall, the Queen Victoria Building, and St. Mary’s Cathedral. To explore the city’s present and past, head for The Rocks – the oldest neighborhood in Australia and Sydney, where sandstone houses built in the 18th century still stand. Known as a “living museum” in this city, the Rocks enchants tourists with its weekend markets and many distinctive music and culture festivals, coupled with the tranquil, friendly, and open lifestyle of the locals. You can stroll through the pretty streets, visit a traditional pub for some craft beer, and try delicious local dishes like lamb, alligator, and even kangaroo.

Macquarie Light - Australia’s first Lighthouse

Sydney is blessed with natural gifts that few cities can rival. This city is full of greenery. Parks and nature reserves mingle with urban areas. Thanks to this, you need not travel far to see rare species like gorillas, tigers, panthers, chimpanzees, giraffes, sea lions, kangaroos, and koala in numerous city zoos; or enjoy fresh air and a plethora of plants from all corners of the world, all gathered in boundless parks.

For those visitors keen to explore the sea, Sydney is heaven with over 70 spectacular bays and beaches. These include beautiful Bondi Beach, said to be the loveliest on the planet, where visitors can sunbathe, engage in various water sports, and watch professional surfers ride the waves. To get a full taste of the sea, you should go to Blackwattle Bay to visit the Sydney Fish Market and experience its bustling atmosphere. Here, you can attend cooking classes and savor fresh and delicious seafood, prepared on-the-spot.

Fresh seafood at the Sydney Fish Market

Sydney may as well be a miniature world of attractions, captivating visitors. It’s a must-go destination on every tourist’s bucket list, should they visit the beautiful land of kangaroos.