Every bride aspires to be unforgettable on her wedding day. That dream is becoming easier to realize with the growth of domestic wedding gown labels.

Wedding gowns from Garnet Bridal.

More than just a beautiful article of clothing, a wedding gown is a keepsake of a bride’s love and personal happiness. However, purchasing a wedding dress has never been simple. A bride can spend months, if not years, deciding what to wear on her special day.

Elaborate concepts also come with stratospheric price tags. The modern wedding gown is highly profitable for many famous fashion houses, including Schiaparelli, Maison Margiela, Valentino, Off-White and others that have accompanied famous brides down the aisle.

In Vietnam, several designers have emerged to bring the bride-to-be a wide range of choices, from traditional to avant-garde, from minimalist to elaborate. Wedding gowns are difficult to design and almost impossible to wear twice (both literally and figuratively). Due to cost and requirements for preservation and storage, buying wedding dresses is rarely the preferred option in many locations, including Vietnam.

Nevertheless, designer Truong Thanh Hai, a leading name in the Vietnamese wedding market, has never offered his creations for rent. The designer prioritizes a comfortable, personal and highly functional dress that eliminates unnecessary decorative details and pursues minimalism. In a field dominated by rentals, the TRUONG THANH HAI brand offers an accessible price for clients throughout the country.

Wedding gowns from Garnet Bridal.

If a bride is looking to defy convention, Garnet Bridal by designer Linh Doan is a compelling option. A Garnet gown can be red and flowing – or not a dress at all, as the label has produced trousers to go with silk shirts and bows. The corset form is often utilized, and if a bride prefers to keep things simple, Garnet complements the entire look with oversized see-through gloves.

Catwalk elements, from puff sleeves to feathers, are also incorporated directly into the wedding gown. Some gowns use mikado fabric, one of the most flattering materials, as it is stiff enough to create an angular form but soft enough for draping.

A custom-tailored design by Calla Bridal.

Personal tailoring, excellent service and the ability to modify and try on outfits numerous times are crucial factors to consider when purchasing a wedding gown – all of which are available at Calla Bridal. This long-standing wedding brand of designer Phuong Linh will meet and discuss directly with the bride about her needs, interests and the story she wants to convey with her dress for the big day. The formal dress reception will be an unforgettable moment for anyone who has spent months creating their wedding gown. This is the brand for the proud and meticulous bride who enjoys unique designs and the most lavish wedding ceremony.