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Mother Nature has endowed the S-shaped land of Vietnam with over 3,000km of coastline and nearly 50 breathtaking bays, three of which have made it onto a list of the world’s most beautiful bays. Join Heritage in exploring these heavenly bays.

There are nearly 2,000 limestone islands in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay – a dragon descends into the waves

Vietnam’s best-known bay among international travelers, Ha Long (“Descending Dragon”) Bay takes the shape of a dragon descending into the ocean. A trip to Ha Long Bay is a must for international visitors to Vietnam. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage, beautiful Ha Long Bay moves the hearts of nature-lovers and consistently wins titles like “one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature” and “one of top 10 most beautiful bays on earth”. Just a two-hour drive from Hanoi, Ha Long Bay is easily accessible, transporting visitors to a world of ocean breezes and romance. Hundreds of millions of years of geological activity created the bay’s spectacular landscape, its emerald waters dotted with nearly 2,000 limestone islands in different sizes. Travelers to Ha Long may admire the bay’s scenery, spend a night or two on a luxurious wooden boat, book a day tour around the bay, or even behold the natural wonder from above on a memorable seaplane tour. Ha Long Bay offers diverse leisure and entertainment activities, from boating, kayaking, and parasailing to diving, trekking, and caving, etc.

Lang Co Bay is often described as “the beautiful fishing village” in the poetic land of Hue

Lang Co Bay – A touch of grace

The crescent-shaped shoreline of Lang Co Bay is often described as “the beautiful fishing village” in the poetic land of Hue. Lang Co Bay boasts a pristine, graceful and otherworldly beauty. Located at the foot of the Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Bay offers spellbinding beaches, clear blue water and perfectly curved sand dunes. With summer temperatures below 30 degree Celsius, this area is perfect for a summer getaway. This explains why, in the past, kings and lords chose to spend their summers in Lang Co to avoid the scorching heat of the Central Region. Another draw is Lang Co’s maritime culture. Most local residents earn a living by fishing, so the local life and rustic maritime culture remain undisturbed, despite the mushrooming of high-end resorts. Why not pay a visit to this ancient fishing village and enjoy the rhythms of daily life on moored boats or in the crowded local market at dawn?

Viewing Lang Co Bay from Hai Van Pass

Located 70km from Hue City and 30km from Danang, Lang Co Bay is located on the busiest travel route in the Central Region. Visitors often combine a visit to Lang Co with stops at other famous beauty spots like the Hue Citadel, Bach Ma National Park, Hai Van Pass, Danang, and Hoi An’s Old Town.

Nha Trang Bay –  Unrivaled undersea beauty

Visitors enjoy island-hopping and boating in Nha Trang Bay

If gorgeous nature and a mild climate all year round are what you look for in a bay, Nha Trang is the perfect choice. The 19 islands of different sizes in Nha Trang Bay are sparkling gems in the middle of the ocean. Seen from above, the deep blue sea is dotted with green islands in various quirky shapes. The islands in Nha Trang Bay, namely Hon Chong, Hon Tam, Hon Mot, Hon Mieu, Hon Do, Chop Rom, etc., are tranquil havens blessed with wind and sunshine where travelers can explore the bay’s pristine and charming nature. Along with poetic scenery, Nha Trang Bay is also a natural aquarium that nurtures rich marine ecosystems typical of Vietnam. Divers can explore coral reefs, sea grass beds, and see rare and striking species of fish and snails. The protected marine area of Nha Trang Bay spans some 160km2, including about 38km2 of land and about 122km2 of surrounding water. A must for snorkelers and divers, Hon Mun is said to have some of the finest underwater scenery in South East Asia and the richest marine biodiversity in Vietnam, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).