Nearly a month after its launch, the “Logo Design for the 30th Anniversary of Vietnam Airlines” contest attracted hundreds of quality submissions from designers in Vietnam and beyond. Heritage talked to the winning designer, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thin.

Heritage: Hello! Can you tell us why you participated in this contest?


Designer Ms. Nguyen Thi Thin: Hello to all of Heritage’s readers. I’m currently in charge of event design and internal programs at the Department of External Relations for Samsung Electronics Vietnam in Thai Nguyen. I participated in this contest because Vietnam Airlines always makes a strong impression on me and stirs my emotions. I love the flight attendants’ ao dai as well as the imagery of planes bearing Vietnam Airlines’ Golden Lotus emblem silhouetted against the sky. These symbols have always inspired pride and joy in me and added to my beautiful memories of each trip.

What message do you wish to send through your work?

I used the lotus as the centerpiece, combining it with the strong contours of “30” to demonstrate the sustainable growth journey of Vietnam Airlines. The parallel and upward diagonal lines convey their own message of the carrier’s development strategy, representing the drastic yet decisive and proper measures carried out by Vietnam Airlines during these recent unprecedented times. In addition, the clean and soft lines of the lotus petals represent Vietnam Airlines’ contributions to the community and society for the past 30 years

What do you think of Vietnam Airlines’ social activities?

Searching for material for this competition helped me understand a lot more about Vietnam Airlines’ community support and social outreach. I was particularly impressed by Vietnam Airlines’ initiatives that demonstrate a great sense of humanity and responsibility, such as transporting aid during floods and pandemics; tissue/organ transport for lifesaving operations; and collaborations with organizations such as Facing the World or Operation Smile to help underprivileged children. I was also interested in the airline’s flight safety instruction film, a creative product steeped in Vietnamese cultural values. I hope that Vietnam Airlines always remains at the vanguard of Vietnamese aviation and accomplishes its goals.

Thank you very much!