Huong Quynh

Renowned as a city of heritage and festivals, Hue is home to two remarkable cultural events – the Hue Festival and the Hue Traditional Crafts Festival. This year marks the ninth time the latter is to be celebrated.

A trucchigraphy paper fan

Following the success of the previous eight seasons, the ninth Hue Traditional Crafts Festival, themed “The Quintessence of Vietnamese Traditional Crafts”, will be held from May 29th to June 26th, 2021. With activities spanning more than a month, this year’s event will set a record as the longest in this festival’s history. More space will also be given to the celebrations, with a range of exciting activities taking place on both sides of the Huong River. The organizers hope to captivate travelers with a festive atmosphere throughout the city, especially with featured programs and amusements every weekend.

The 2021 Festival is centered around contemporary arts, aiming to bring traditional crafts closer to the present day. Participants will highlight: “Creativity – Culture – Craftsmanship”. This means artisans, businesses, and craft villages are encouraged to present designs and products that exude modern vibes yet still accentuate traditional beauty. Visitors will have the chance to admire trucchigraphy  (embossed paper art) and nón (conical hats) made of lotus leaves. Artists and craftspeople are taking advantage of advanced technology while exploring new ways to use classic materials.

A nón (conical hat) made of lotus leaves

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