Stylist: Thuy Duong
Photos: Duc Bui (Deto Concept)

Green tea is a popular drink in Vietnam, served daily to welcome guests and at parties and festivals. We present some favorite sweet snacks served with tea.

Peanut brittle (Kẹo lạc)

Peanut brittle and tea go very together well. Street vendors sell tea and peanut brittle bars from small stands all over the country. The peanut brittle bars are made with whole peanuts, sesame seeds, refined sugar, malt and glutinous rice flour. The bars are hard and crunchy with a sweet, buttery taste. They make a great compliment to mild tea.

Green beans cakes (Bánh đậu xanh)

Enjoyed nationwide, green beans cakes originated in Hai Duong. These cakes are yellow on the outside and soft and smooth on the inside. They are made of flavorful green beans mixed with pomelo essential oil. The green beans are peeled and minced, then mixed with sugar to make these simple yet delicious cakes, which melt in your mouth and are especially delicious with tea.

Intestine-shaped candy (Kẹo dồi)

Intestine-shaped candies originated in Nam Dinh Province. At first they were only sold in rural markets but gradually became known as a local delicacy.  Many people consider these candies as a signature rural snack. The candies are sharply sweet and made of rustic ingredients such as molasses and peanut sugar. Malt and sugar are cooked until they melt and thicken. The cook then stuffs peanuts into the candies and bends the candies into long, neat pieces. These sweets are served with slightly bitter green tea.