Kim Chi

Around the world, people look forward to the warm sunshine of spring and flowers bursting into bloom. Join us as we discover some of the world’s most fascinating flower festivals

A woman in traditional dress rides on a float decorated with flowers

The Chiangmai Flower Festival – Thailand
Endowed with lush and bountiful nature, the city of Chiangmai is known as the “Rose of the North” in the Land of Golden Pagodas. While the scenery is beautiful year-round, Thai people still long for the coming of spring, when blossoms are at their full glory. The highlight is the Chiangmai Flower Festival, an annual event celebrated for more than 40 years. This festival takes place during the first three days of February and features a parade of floats covered in a wide range of blossoms, from roses to orchids to daisies. Aboard each float, a crew of stunning beauties dressed in traditional costumes waves at the crowds lining the roadsides. The parade goes from Nawarat Bridge through the boulevards of Thapae, Kotchasarn, and Changlor, before reaching Nong Buak Haad Park, where many exciting activities attract throngs of tourists.

A field of canola flowers on Jeju Island

The Jeju Canola Flower Festival – South Korea
In Northeast Asian countries like Japan, China, and South Korea, spring offers the promise of charming cherry blossoms. However, Jeju Island, the first place to greet spring each year in the Land of Kimchi, is home to not only cherry blossoms but also vast swathes of canola blooms, which flutter in the ocean breezes and radiant sunshine. Blooming briefly from late February to early April, the canola flowers extend a golden carpet over every corner of the island. Organized annually in the first week of April since 1983, the Canola Flower Festival is one of the most renowned events in Jeju, held dear by the islanders as a symbol of their local culture and the island’s natural beauty.

A floral float inspired by the movie “Frozen”

The Keukenhof Tulip Gardens – The Netherlands
The tulip, the most iconic flower in the Land of Windmills, also has its own annual show – the famous festival at Keukenhof Gardens in the town of Lisse, in South Holland province, in the Netherlands. The event typically starts in late March and lasts for two months, attracting countless tourists from all over the globe. Each year there’s a different theme, and the celebration is much like a giant painting of spring, adorned with millions of tulips that have taken a whole year to cultivate. Visitors can explore the Keukenhof Gardens and enjoy masterfully-crafted flower displays, each one a work of art. There are many exciting activities, such as flower parades, art performances, and chances to try delicious European cuisines.

The Pasadena Tournament of Roses – The U.S.A
Every year, the usual tranquility in the ancient Las Angeles suburb of Pasadena, California, is interrupted by the thrilling Tournament of Roses, or Rose Parade, typically held on the first day of the new year. This parade marks the start of the Rose Bowl Game, an annual American college football game. This tradition dates back to the late 19th century, when Pasadena gained fame thanks to the splendid beauty of its many rose gardens. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 event was cancelled, but people can look forward to future magnifient parades along Colorado Boulevard, complete with marching bands and dozens of floral floats covered in roses and myriad colorful blossoms.