Vietnam Airlines’ Meet and Greet service is the best way to ensure a seamless and relaxing journey from departure to arrival with attentive care and priority flight check-in, baggage services and transit. It will be a welcome gift for friends, relatives, colleagues or important partners and VIP customers.

Convenient check-in
At the departure airport, Vietnam Airlines’ staff will meet you and guide you to check in at a private counter, pass through security screening, and complete all exit procedures. Most importantly, you will be escorted to the aircraft’s cabin door to begin a relaxing journey. Your checked baggage will be prioritized, allowing you to collect your luggage promptly after landing.

Effortless transit
In case of transit, Vietnam Airlines’ staff will greet you at the cabin door or the entrance to the terminal and assist you with transit and security procedures. They will also escort you through domestic and international terminals and bring you to the door of your connecting aircraft, making your transit so much easier and worry-free.

Attentive service at arrival airport
Vietnam Airlines’ staff will greet you at the aircraft door (if a passenger boarding bridge is available) or at the terminal entrance (in case you reach the terminal by bus). If you are traveling on an international flight, Vietnam Airlines’ staff will assist you in completing immigration procedures; getting checked baggage off the conveyor belt; and carrying it to your car in the most dedicated and attentive manner.

– This service is available at Noi Bai, Danang, and Tan Son Nhat international airports. The availability of priority service at security and immigration depends on each airport’s conditions. This service may be reserved from the time of ticket purchase until 24 hours prior to your flight’s scheduled departure time.

You can book this service by calling 1900110; visiting Vietnam Airlines’ official branches and agencies; or via our website: