Passenger satisfaction is one of Vietnam Airlines’ top priorities, especially for Lotusmiles members – our most loyal customers. The Lotusmiles Program has just implemented a new policy to provide additional benefits for members, effective from March 1, 2022.

Privileges for members who are expecting

Since members who are pregnant or have newborns might be traveling less, Lotusmiles bestows special benefits to members who are expecting or new mothers. Female Platinum, Gold, or Titanium tier members will have their tier status extended for another year from their baby’s date of birth, rounded up to the last day of the 12th month.

Bonus miles that expire within one year of the infant’s date of birth will also be extended for 12 months and rounded up to the last day of the 12th month.

Thanks to this change, new mothers can retain their membership class and bonus miles during the postpartum period and continue to enjoy special offers on Vietnam Airlines’ flights.

Inheritance rights

Lotusmiles has added inheritance rights for Family Account members. If a Family Account member passes away, that member’s mileage will be passed on to the family. The member’s remaining bonus miles will be combined with the miles of the Head of Household and used under the provisions of the Family Account.

Furthermore, in addition to biological parents, parents-in-law, adoptive parents, spouses, biological children, and adopted children, a legal guardian can also now join a Family Account.

Note: Please contact the Lotusmiles Center for inheritance support if the Head of Household passed away or the deceased member is not yet a member of a Family Account,