Ha Lan Vien

The Covid-19 pandemic and climate change are causing severe economic damage and affecting lives all around the world. However, love and marriage still go on. Eco-friendly weddings are a trend this year as a way to help heal the earth. This month, heritage fashion has a few tips on how to organize your own green wedding.

A romantic outdoor wedding in the forest

Outdoor weddings that save energy

Weddings held outdoors are one way to reduce energy significantly while not sacrificing romance. A wedding at the sunny seaside without the need for air-conditioning or expensive lighting will be a memorable ceremony for the couple and guests alike. The fresh atmosphere of a forest surrounded by green trees is another idea for a magical and unforgettable day.

A wedding banquet is decorated with plants

Eco-friendly wedding decorations

An eco-friendly wedding will say no to usage of plastic materials, from the banquet table to gifts and decorations. Reducing the use of fresh flowers is also a way to avoid unnecessary waste. Instead, plants and fresh fruit are an option as they can be re-used after the ceremony. If you still choose to decorate your wedding with fresh flowers, remember to use local flowers for less transportation and energy waste. Moreover, you can try to share them with other events.

Brides can choose simple and modern dress designs that can be re-used after the wedding

A borrowed wedding dress

Instead of tailoring a gorgeous and expensive wedding dress to wear only once in your life, you can turn to friends and relatives to borrow a gown for your big day. There are even many small groups on social networks that are available for exchange, from wedding dresses to groom attire to outfits for older family members. If you want to wear your own dress, you can choose simple and modern designs that are easy for casual wear after the wedding.

A buffet party uses local fresh food to save costs and transport

Green banquet with local products

A party with fresh organic ingredients is ideal for a green wedding. With a more modest budget, you can also use an abundance of local food to ensure freshness and save transportation, storage and packaging expenses. A buffet party will not only help avoid wasting food but also create a friendly and comfortable space where people have more chances to meet and talk around food trays.

Please be sure to contact food suppliers or farms with eco-friendly policies and products so your guests can enjoy the food while helping to protect the environment.

Green gifts

If you decide to go with an eco-friendly wedding, pay attention to every small detail such as choosing the right ink and paper for invitation cards or thank-you notes.

These should be friendly to the environment, too. You can also use online invitation cards or set up a website dedicated to your wedding to limit printed paper and have a special place to save memorable wedding photos and moments. Small gifts for guests are also a way to send environmental messages. Replace ordinary souvenirs that are easy to throw away after the wedding with delicious candy packages, a small plant, organic soap or a pot of honey. And avoid using nylon or plastic packaging.

Tiệc buffet cưới giúp tránh lãng phí thức ăn và tạo không gian cởi mở, thoải mái cho các vị khách mời

A small-scale wedding

Small-scale weddings with around 30-40 guests were already trending before the social distancing policies due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only less expensive, small-scale weddings are a chance for the bride and groom to share their happiest moments with loved family members and close friends instead of a big crowd. And finally, another hot trend has brides and grooms asking guests to donate money to charity instead of giving gifts to the couple. A happy wedding can even bring joy to those less fortunate.