Despite the severe toll of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam Airlines is rapidly recovering and achieving new milestones in service quality, as shown by their win of two major awards: Asia’s Leading Airline – Economy Class and Asia’s Leading Airline Brand at the 2022 World Travel Awards.


The World Travel Awards, established in 1993, are prestigious and well-known worldwide award events for the tourism industry. The awards are decided by user votes, which peaked at 2.3 million votes in 2022. These votes are truthful reflections of customer opinions, vendor efforts, and the speed of recovery for the global tourism industry.

Asia’s Leading Airline – Economy Class is an important and hard-won award category, since passengers in Economy have varied needs and this section comprises the bulk of a flight. This award is an important gesture of recognition for the long-term efforts of Vietnam Airlines.


Aiming to be a favorite 5-star airline in Asia-Pacific, Vietnam Airlines made decisive steps even during the difficult Covid-19 period. As transportation stagnated, the airline seized the opportunity to promote coaching, training, and implementation of its “Uplifting Service” program. This was a large-scale breakthrough program based on an exclusive training system developed by Ron Kaufman – a leading global customer service expert – to upgrade both “hard assets,” which include products and services, and “soft assets” – with staff members being “the key to creating differences and long-term competitive advantages”.


These efforts were amply rewarded. In the first half of 2022, Vietnam Airlines made an astonishing recovery: the number of domestic passengers has even surpassed pre-pandemic peaks, and many services were upgraded to delight customers.


Passengers of Vietnam Airlines enjoy many conveniences and streamlined flight experiences thanks to our robust digital transformation: information-lookup, travel planning, ticket purchase, seat selection, and ancillary services. Passengers can also enjoy over 600 hours of inflight entertainment programs, entertain themselves with the FPT Play app, and read the news with the PressReader app, which provides over 7,000 magazine and newspaper titles with diverse topics, including many famous publications that usually cost USD 50-300/year for subscriptions.


Since 2022, Vietnam Airlines has introduced many new products to provide customers with more choices. A noteworthy change is the introduction of a brand-new menu with Asian and European specialties on domestic flights, including many distinctively Vietnamese dishes developed in cooperation with the leading association of chefs in the country. 


In addition, Vietnam Airlines is the industry leader in community activities such as domestic and international transport of medical equipment, supplies, and personnel to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. We pioneered a variety of environmental initiatives that resulted in the reduction of over 60 million plastic bags annually, as well as the implementation of electronic menus and digital apps to minimize paper usage. Next-generation air fleets are being introduced to further limit our environmental impact, with reductions of up to 50% in gas emissions, 16% in fuel, and 75% in noise.