Nguyet Anh

Discover the tastes of the Mekong Delta with these rustic and flavorful dishes…

Hu tieu My Tho (My Tho Pork and Seafood Noodle Soup)

Unlike the hu tieu sold elsewhere, hu tieu in My Tho is characterized by small, dry, chewy, crispy, and tasty noodles. There is a wide variety of ingredients for diners to choose from, including lean meat, pig intestines, bones, and seafood. The broth is made with sweet stock, dried shrimp and radishes. Leaving a tender taste on the tip of the tongue, the broth is an integral part of an appetizing bowl of hu tieu.

To make hu tieu, the noodles are dipped in boiling water. Vegetables like chives, asparagus, and bean-sprouts are added. The cook may add ingredients like bones, intestines or seafood to suit the customer’s tastes, then pours the broth overtop. Finally, fried onions and pepper are sprinkled on, resulting in a savory bowl of hu tieu unique to the southwestern delta.

Son Qui Pudding (Go Cong – Tien Giang)

Son Qui, which lies 4km from Go Cong Town, was named by King Tu Duc. Today, Son Qui is renowned for a traditional pudding that is a must-try for every visitor.

The main ingredients are sugar, mung beans, “thach” beans, roasted peanuts, tapioca starch, and coconut cream. Son Quy pudding can be served hot or cold depending on the customer’s preference. Diners should chew slowly to fully appreciate the wonderful flavor produced by this mix of ingredients.

Trang Bang dew-wetted rice paper (Tay Ninh province)

Trang Bang dew-wetted rice paper is a renowned delicacy of not only Tay Ninh but also the South East region. The rice paper is made from steamed rice flour, left to dry in the sun, grilled over a charcoal stove to make it fragrant and fluffy then wetted by dew in the night. What makes enjoying this dish a real treat is that it needs to be wrapped with a variety of vegetables, raw bean sprouts and thin slices of pork then dipped the roll into sweet and sour sauce.

Trang Bang dew-wetted rice paper brings out the tastes of the countryside, which are the richness of rice flour, the sweetness and crispness of raw bean sprouts, the slightly bitter taste of different herbs intertwined with the delightful taste of fresh meat and sweet and sour sauce, all of which will leave an unforgettable impression on dinners.