Vinh Trung

Uyen Linh, whose won on vietnam idol ten years ago brought her overnight stardom, is a singer who follows her own path.

Ten years ago, Uyen Linh rocketed to stardom when she won Vietnam Idol Season 3. She remains a household name in the Vietnamese music industry, nearly reaching the “diva” threshold, but retains an independent spirit and voice.

Her recent concert “Not a Coincidence,” held with Lan Nha in late 2019, was the latest evidence of Linh’s unique presence. The combination of a mature male voice and an intensely passionate female one on love songs made for an unforgettable afternoon for music connoisseurs. Once again, Uyen Linh affirmed the internal strength in her voice, her distinctive ability to “feel the beat” and her English mastery, tops among her Vietnamese peers, through songs “Fallin’” and “Never Enough.” She also expressed the full maturity in her emotion and vocals while performing “Lonely” (“Co don”) composed by Nguyen Anh 9, which gave the audience goosebumps.

Having listened to Uyen Linh’s music since her debut, I often wondered how her voice would evolve as she gained experience and maturity. Would she regret losing the intense but pure emotions that she once had?

Linh said that popular songs with youthful lyrics no longer suit her.
“I do not regret, but rather feel lucky for having experienced those emotions,” she said. “My singing now is the sum of my experiences, including ups and downs. I love my present self.”

In this era of social media, the door to the path of music is more wide open than ever before, with overnight success attainable with a viral hit or popular cover song.

Uyen Linh takes a more measured approach to her career. She does not compose songs but invests in her vocal expertise. She focuses on improving her singing and performance, and chooses only songs that she can make her own. The path she walks takes time and effort. The waiting time between releases sometimes makes her impatient, but her prerequisite is finding the songs that touch her heart. As she said: “Good songs are abundant but being ‘good’ is not enough.”

Linh said that another reason for her caution is that she does not have a huge audience. It’s a surprising thought – when recalling the “golden moment” when she became the winner of Vietnam Idol, who didn’t listen to Uyen Linh’s music? How did those audiences abandon their favorite vocalist? But after winning Vietnam Idol, Uyen Linh did not rush into releasing a single or album. Even as Linh’s audience has turned its attention to other singers during her absence, she remains determined not to release any music until she is satisfied with it. Uyen Linh’s fans may not be as large as some other stars’ in quantity but they have a high musical sensitivity and an intense emotional connection with her.

Someone once compared Uyen Linh with a tree – the quieter she is, the stronger she becomes and the further she reaches. Working without competition or excessive promotion, she feels most comfortable when dedicating herself to music and her audience.

Linh understands that lasting beauty in life is not handed on a silver platter but takes time and effort. Although the future is unpredictable, Linh seems poised to keep reaching new heights in her music career. Just like the tree, her instinct is to rise towards the sun every day.