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After constantly hearing stories of local businesses’ difficulties in finding solutions for everyday issues, has become one of the most popular business management platforms in Vietnam. But this platform harbors an even bigger dream.

How is adding value to Vietnamese businesses

Building a 4.0 working environment

The desk of Mr. Do Huy Thanh, CEO of Huy Thanh Jewelry., bears only one computer. It’s clear of papers, books, and documents. This is the result of the digital transformation process Mr. Thanh has pursued for some time.

“In the past five years, the size of our staff increased ten-fold. Given the huge volume of paperwork, problems in operations and administration began to arise. There was a time when I was so busy, I couldn’t remember who I had assigned tasks to, or what I was going to do. I just texted, chatted, and then forgot about what I had said,” recalls Mr. Thanh. At that time, he couldn’t find a suitable technology solution to help run his business. It took several working days for the minutes of each meeting to be fully signed by department heads and directors.

Introduced by one of his partners, Mr. Thanh reached out to – a 4.0 business management platform. Huy Thanh Jewelry has used almost all of this platform’s core applications and has achieved remarkable results. The first application adopted by Huy Thanh Jewelry and its CEO’s favorite is Base Wework a teamwork and project management software.

“For projects that require the coordination of many departments, such as a project for engagement ring collections, a project to launch new showrooms in various provinces and cities, etc., I use Base WeWork’s Project feature to assign tasks to the team,” said Mr. Thanh. “On some very large projects, the to-do list on the application can be several dozen pages long. If handing this over to someone required going through hundreds of messages or documents, it would be impossible to manage. I must say that Base Wework is a very useful tool. Neither the CEO, heads of departments, nor employees forget things easily. This feature helps us to handle up to 80% of our work on one single platform.”

How is adding value to Vietnamese businesses

Creating a happy workplace

Launched in 2017, in four years has become the business management and operation platform for over 5,000 clients. It’s used an average of 30 million times per month. The management platform has more than 50 applications and focuses on three core problems, including the Base Work+ product set that enables businesses to manage work and projects comprehensively; the Base Info+ product set that helps to build an effective and transparent information system; and especially the Base HRM+ product set, which provides businesses with a complete human resource development and management strategy, and was just launched in 2020.

“We often talk a lot about the customer experience, but less about the employee experience. We must pay sufficient attention and design a great experience for them as well. After all, if our employees are happy, the business will be happy and grow sustainably,” said Trinh Ngoc Bao, COO of

Peter Nguyen, CEO of the Vong Xanh retail chain – the official distributor of many of the world’s largest bicycle brands with a retail chain spanning the entire country – said that Base HRM+ helps to professionalize the management of the whole life cycle of the human resource system from positions, tasks, contracts, and remuneration to timekeeping, promotion, and performance. He is very satisfied with Base Goal – a goal management application.

“Our leadership’s big concern was how to align the interests of the business with that of each individual. Base Goal allows employees to align their personal goals with the company’s goals, track performance periodically, record results, and receive salaries based on performance. Overall, with technology solutions from, Vong Xanh has reduced the pressure resulting from growing our retail staff year after year,” said the CEO of Vong Xanh.

Aspiring to support 800,000 Vietnamese businesses’s decision to pair up with “big brother” FPT, despite its robust financial status and being sought after by many large investment funds, took many people by surprise.

“ and FPT share the same aspirations to find ways to help Vietnam’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to enjoy “equality” with larger businesses in accessing digital transformation solutions. With the mission to be a leader, FPT has decided to accompany and support SMEs. And it’s great that Mr. Hung is five years ahead of FPT with the platform,” shared Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT's Board of Directors

As for, Mr. Pham Kim Hung – founder and CEO, said: “FPT’s vision shares many similarities with the path has taken over the past five years. Honestly, and FPT share the same dream, which is to provide the best solution and the best applications to Vietnamese businesses.”

Wishing to accompany Vietnamese and global businesses in the digital transformation journey, FPT’s strategy is to build a leading comprehensive digital transformation platform for SMEs. Cooperating with is one of the shortest paths for FPT to realize that goal.

Built on an open platform, easily integrates more FPT applications and instantly brings more than 100 digital transformation solutions onto a single platform. In addition, the products also inherit the latest core technologies from FPT Corporation, such as AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and digital signatures to improve efficiency.

At the same time, FPT will help to compete globally thanks to its branch network in 26 countries. “The synergy between’s open and intelligent technology platform, which has all the essential applications for enterprises, and FPT’s extensive experience and core technology capabilities, together with strong human resources, will create a new impetus to promote the digital transformation of 800,000 Vietnamese enterprises,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, CEO of FPT.