From August 15, 2022, passengers of Vietnam Airlines can enjoy Vietnamese and international publications through its new free service, PressReader.

Passengers can read newspapers directly or save them to their personal electronic devices to read anywhere, anytime. The steps are very simple, just access the Vietnam Airlines mobile app, go to PressReader, verify the booking code and itinerary information.

The list of publications will include more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines of various genres such as news, economics, tourism, sports, entertainment… in 70 languages, completely free of charge by Vietnam Airlines. This is a particularly attractive benefit, as many electronic editions of newspapers and magazines normally may have subscription fees of 50-300 USD/year.

With this application, passengers can bring thousands of newspapers on board, from international publications such as Bloomberg, The Economic Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Traveler, Marie Claire, National Geographic… to Vietnamese newspapers and magazines such as Vietnam Investment Review, Giao Thong, Vietnam News, Heritage…, without prepare luggage space to store.

The service is valid for 48 hours (24 hours before scheduled departure to 24 hours after the plane lands). Only downloaded categories can be stored indefinitely on the guest device.

“Launching the PressReader service is our new advance in digitizing services and enhancing the flight experience for passengers. Moreover, this will help Vietnam Airlines to reduce paper use and transport load of the aircraft, thereby contributing to saving resources and environmental protection,” says Trinh Hong Quang, Executive Vice President of Vietnam Airlines.

Entertainment service is one of the outstanding advantages when passengers fly with Vietnam Airlines. Currently, Vietnam Airlines passengers can enjoy a variety of movies, music, newspapers and magazines through personal screens on Airbus A350, Boeing 787 aircraft; Wireless network on board Airbus A321neo, FPT Play application…With the strong aim of digitization, Vietnam Airlines is constantly expanding and upgrading entertainment facilities for passengers.