Minh Duc

Tung Duong has released an album for the times, Human, that is the culmination of years dedicated to following his own artistic path.

The blockbuster music project of the year
During a challenging and unforgettable year, the latest music project by Tung Duong has emerged as a bright spot. His 2020 album and live concert, Con Nguoi (Human), was first conceived more than 10 years ago, when the singer was entering his thirties. At the time, Tung Duong thought only a rock album, as heavy as possible, could express what he was planning for his future path.

Ten years later, building on the experiences in his private life and maturity in his singing voice, Tung Duong eventually succeeded in realizing his ambitions. Human erupts with intensity and emotion and draws listeners on a journey of joy and sadness rarely experienced in Vietnamese music.

Tung Duong’s rock message is fitting for a time when life on earth is turned upside down and humans feel fragile in the face of a global pandemic. Songs such as “Adam” contemplate suffering and reflect on the meaning of existence, but still offer hope and beauty against the background of an exhilarating musical canvas.

Dreams turn to reality
On Tung Duong’s artistic journey, he has had many opportunities to compromise, to soften his sharper edges for greater commercial success. But the singer did not hesitate to take on challenging musical adventures, believing that the mission of his life is to send profound messages with his larger-than-life voice. Through this perseverance, his position today has become the dream of any young artist entering the industry.  

All of those aspirations were poured into the album of his career, accompanied by what was considered the live show of 2020 in the Vietnamese music industry. Tung Duong not only told a captivating story about humanity but acted as a bridge connecting generations of Vietnamese music on the same stage, from classics by great composers and top divas like Ha Tran to appearances from today’s new faces such as Bui Lan Huong, Ngot and G-Ducky. His greatest passion and dedication on the chosen journey have earned him three awards at the 16th Giai thuong Am nhac Cong hien 2021 (Dedicated Music Award) for Album of the year (Human), Show of the year (Con nguoi) and Singer of the year.

With this new journey, Tung Duong has been able to fully step into his destiny as an artist. Dreams years in the making have been rewarded with brilliant music and a passionate response by fans.