All special services can be confirmed from the moment of booking, creating peace of mind for passengers who need these services.

In December 2020, Vietnam Airlines upgraded its automatic request processing system, enabling passengers to easily register and request special services via our website – – and obtain timely confirmation.

As well as allowing customers to easily obtain full details right from the moment of booking and buying tickets, this feature brings peace of mind to passengers who are elderly, and those with limited mobility or communication skills, etc., since all essential services are confirmed before they arrive at the airport.

This high-standard service is only offered by a handful of the world’s leading airlines to protect the interests of passengers with disabilities. It is a prerequisite for flights licensed to fly to the United States.

Vietnam Airlines currently offers some free special services, such as vegetarian meals, diet meals, and kids’ meals; an in-flight bassinet service for infants; wheelchair transportation for people with limited mobility; and services for passengers with visual or hearing impairments, etc.

Consolidating our special services not only improves our service standards  but helps Vietnam Airlines to take a huge step toward becoming a 5-star and digital airline. It also brings us closer to our plan to launch flights to the US in the near future.

Details of our special services are available at