Lotusmiles has recently implemented many features that bring new and exciting experiences and outstanding benefits to our loyal Vietnam Airlines customers.

Facial recognition for Million Milers

In an effort to increase personalized convenience, particularly for our long-standing customers, Lotusmiles has made it possible for Million Milers to update photos to their Lotusmiles accounts for facial recognition. This new feature helps Million Milers get recognized and receive excellent treatment at all service points, particularly from our Meet and Greet service. Members can easily update their photos by logging into their Lotusmiles account at www.vietnamairlines.com and navigating to the My Profile/Avatar section. They can also contact our Customer Care Center for assistance (tel: 19001800, email: vip.lotusmiles@vietnamairlines.com).

Claim baggage rewards online

Instead of claiming baggage rewards (redeeming miles for extra checked baggage) directly at the ticket office or while checking in at the airport, all Lotusmiles members can now easily claim their baggage rewards online. In addition, Million Milers, Platinum, Gold, and Titanium members can claim baggage rewards for loved ones on Vietnam Airlines flights at www.vietnamairlines.com. Members can redeem a maximum of 2 pieces (23kg/piece) or 3 pieces (10kg/piece, applicable for domestic flights only)

Mile donations

Many people, including Lotusmiles members, wish to spread love through charity projects. To help create caring connections and better serve our community, Lotusmiles has added a Miles Donation function so that members can help the unfortunate and underprivileged alongside Vietnam Airlines.

Donated miles will be converted to plane tickets for professionals flying to give medical aid to disabled children; or to help workers in dire conditions to reunite with their families. Charity projects will be listed on the Vietnam Airlines website, with updates sent to members through email, SMS, or the mobile app.

To donate miles, please log into your Lotusmiles account at www.vietnamairlines.com, go to “Donate miles”, click “I want to donate miles”, and enter the number of miles you wish to donate. Lotusmiles will also implement this function on the mobile app in the near future.