Sixty-four years ago, on May 1st, 1959, the Transport Aviation Regiment 919 (now Flight Crew Division 919 – Vietnam Airlines) was formed, becoming the first flying unit in the Vietnam People’s Air Force and Vietnam’s aviation industry.

Our proudest milestones

– May 01, 1959: The Transport Aviation Regiment 919 was founded, becoming the first flying unit specializing in providing executive flights for Uncle Ho and other key governmental figures; providing civil flights and relief; and engaging and serving in combat

– February 16, 1964: Won the first air-to-air combat

– March 07, 1966: Won the first air-to-sea combat

– January 12, 1968: Won the first air-to-ground attack

– 1968: Participated in the Tet Offensive

– 1975: Participated in the Ho Chi Minh Campaign to liberate the South and unify Vietnam

– 1979: Fulfilled support missions for the Southwestern and the Northern border wars 

– 1989: Officially separated from the Military

30 years of “flying high” with Vietnam Airlines

– 1993: Became a unit under Vietnam Airlines.

– 1995: Received and successfully operated 10 Airbus A320 planes, then cutting-edge Western airliners that allowed Vietnam Airlines to expand its international flight network  

– 1996: The first time an all-Vietnamese flight crew successfully piloted a Boeing 767 from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City without the assistance of a foreign pilot

– 1997: Phased out its old Soviet planes and started operating with modern Western planes

– 2003: Achieved full mastery of the long-range Boeing 777 aircraft. Completed training and conversion training for Boeing 777s within 6 months. Launched first direct flights between Vietnam and Europe

– 2004: Received and operated new Airbus A321 planes, replacing the old Airbus A320s

– 2015: Training and conversion training to successfully operate next-generation, wide-body jets such as Boeing 787s and the Airbus A350s

2018: Operated narrow-body, high-tech Airbus A321neos

Today, Flight Crew Division 919 operates the following aircraft:

+ 101 next-generation, cutting-edge aircraft such as Boeing 787s, Airbus A350s, A321s, A321neos, and ATR-72s

+ Nearly 100 international and domestic flight routes

+ More than 150 instructors, ensuring training and instruction autonomy

+ Pioneer in adopting 4.0 technology and Flight Simulators (SIM) in pilot training and instruction in Vietnam

+ 100% of pilots fully capable of mastering modern and new aircraft

Some of our most honorable commendations:

– 1967: Feat Order, first degree

– 1984: Military Exploit Order, first degree

– 1994: Hero of the People’s Armed Forces

– 2004: Labor Order, first degree

– 2009: Ho Chi Minh Order

– 2019: Independence Order, second degree