As a traditional material for making jewelry, pearls have long-standing cultural values and positive energy absorbed from the ocean’s depths. Despite significant changes in beauty standards, pearls have remained a symbol of timeless grace, loyalty, and beauty.

Inspired by the image of a lotus in a bed of pearl, VNAMALL has launched a line of co-branded earrings handcrafted by top Vietnamese artisans. Carefully chosen semicircle pearls are nurtured in a natural freshwater environment to ensure thick and glossy nacre and increased smoothness. The finished earrings come in three shapes – Lotus Bud, Semicircle Pearl Lotus, and Round Pearl Lotus Flower – and cost only  VND1,150,000 per set. For the lotus details, customers may choose between 14K gold or 925 silver plated with 18K gold.

With a beautiful design and positive feng shui meaning, VNAMALL’s pearl earrings will surely be prized by modern and fashionable women. These earrings are available at: