Every aspect of Vietnam Airlines is undergoing a thorough digital transformation

Vietnam Airlines has been on a journey of digital transformation for quite some time. It all began more than a decade ago with the revolutionary transition from paper to digital plane tickets, which coincided with the processes of building technical infrastructure and investing in the continuous improvement and innovation of modern technology in most aspects of our business, ranging from technical requirements in flight operations, operations management, commerce, and service, to customer care.   

Mr. Dang Ngoc Hoa - Chairman of the Board of Management speaking at the inauguration of “The Digital Culture of Vietnam Airlines”

The carrier has implemented many globally cutting-edge technologies, including AMASIS for technical, logistics, and airplane maintenance management; DCS Check-in; PSS Sabre for reservation management; YMS for revenue management; AirmanWeb (by Airbus) and AHM (by Boeing) for remote management of airplanes’ technical status; and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer data collection and analysis. 

In our digital transformation strategy for the period of 2022 – 2026, Vietnam Airlines aims to become the first digital airline in Vietnam by 2025, as well as a leader in digital transformation in the ASEAN aviation industry.

For a successful and holistic digital transformation, Vietnam Airlines focuses on simultaneously developing three critical factors: Digital Technology, Digital Data, and Digital Culture. Among these, Digital Culture is a crucial foundation for improving customer and employee experiences and reaching out to more customers. A streamlined and timely reporting system helps increase revenues and operational efficiency, reduces costs, and assists the management in making quick and accurate decisions.

The launch of “The Digital Culture of Vietnam Airlines”

Specific targets for digital transformation until 2026

  1. Become a Digital Airline by 2025
  2. Enhance passenger experiences
  3. Increase operational efficiency and optimize costs
  4. Develop and capitalize on values created from the digital ecosystem, products, and services
  5. Create a digital culture and train employees for digital transformation

Seven core values of Vietnam Airlines’ digital culture

  1. Safety first
  2. Customer-centric
  3. Data-driven decision-making
  4. Innovation
  5. Adaptability
  6. Digital mindset
  7. Expand collaboration           

Digital transformation brings more benefits to passengers

The digital transformation of Vietnam Airlines is providing new experiences for passengers, including fast 24/7 customer service at every touchpoint.

Passengers can quickly access Vietnam Airlines’ products via our website, mobile app, information channels (Zalo, Viber, etc.), social media (Facebook, Instagram), search engines (Google, Coc Coc, etc.), Metasearch (Google Flight, Wego, Skyscanner, Coc Coc, Kayak), travel websites (Abay, Tripi, Traveloka, Ivivu, Klook) or digital wallets (Momo, VNPay) and book services with exclusive offers at www.vietnamairlines.com. With just one connected personal device, our passengers have access to the entire world.

More convenience in less time:  Through the Vietnam Airlines website, passengers can look up useful information on regulations at destinations, famous tourist spots, transportation, and the best airfares for proactive purchase planning. They can also check-in, select seats based on their preference, and book ancillary services such as extra seats, additional luggage allowance, preordered meals, seat upgrades, and special services.

– Many new features: Vietnam Airlines recently launched a new interface for their website and mobile app with many outstanding conveniences such as automatic ticket refunds and refunds of cost differences when exchanging tickets; refunding tickets as vouchers; reserving best prices for online ticket purchases; and making last-minute ticket purchases. A Chatbot offers automated responses, while My Profile on the mobile app helps passengers to store and manage their personal information. Rounding out the online tourism ecosystem is the VNAMALL e-commerce platform, which offers the VNAHolidays combo of flight tickets and hotel rooms.

– Convenient payment: credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, combined payments of cash and miles; payment at konbini chains (available in Japan); payment through online processors such as Momo wallet, VNPay portal, Be application, and a buy now pay later option with Payoo.

– Unlimited entertainment: Digital technology is providing Vietnam Airlines’ passengers with the most comfortable inflight experiences. Exciting entertainment services include VNA-FPT Play, with a usage time of up to 30 hours (24 hours before departure and six hours after planned arrival time) with 600 hours of entertainment. The free newspaper app PressReader, in particular, has over 7,000 titles of diverse magazines and newspapers in over 70 languages, including several well-known publications that typically cost USD 50-300 for an annual subscription.

In the near future, Vietnam Airlines will continue to present many new digital transformation projects to uplift services and improve customer experiences with increasingly personalized smart services.