To comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam on the review of foreign pilots holding Pakistani nationality or certificates granted by Pakistan, Vietnam Airlines Group including Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific and VASCO today confirm at the moment all foreign pilots of their member airlines do not hold Pakistani nationality or any certificates issued by Pakistan.

Vietnam Airlines Group always puts safety as its top priority. The quality of its pilots plays an essential role in ensuring safety for all flights and contributing to the success of commercial, political, and security tasks. On that basis, member airlines of the Vietnam Airlines Group advocate to select foreign pilots from reputable and professional providers and do not recruit foreign pilots from countries with low safety ratings or frequent incidents of flight safety threats.

As a national airline, Vietnam Airlines opened two leading pilot training centers in Vietnam, the Flight Training Center (est. 1998) and the Bay Viet Pilot Training School (est. 2009). These training centers help manage, utilize, and train pilots — especially Vietnamese pilots, concurrently reducing dependence on the hiring of foreign pilots. Furthermore, Vietnam Airlines is a pioneering airline with its establishment of flight simulators to enhance the quality of in-house training. These tools aid in guaranteeing the overall competency of its pilots and ensure that both Vietnamese and foreign pilots can consistently deliver stringent flight safety standards.

Vietnam Airlines and VASCO have 850 Vietnamese pilots and 106 foreign pilots, in which Vietnamese pilots account for nearly 90% of the two airlines’ total resources, an increase of 50% compared to a decade ago. Jetstar Pacific’s fleet currently employs 60 Vietnamese pilots and 145 foreign pilots.