For the first time, five artists from SpaceSpeakers Group (Touliver, Binz, Soobin, Rhymastic, and SlimV) collaborated with Vietnam Airlines to produce an exclusive song for the national flag carrier.

Through the song, SpaceSpeakers and Vietnam Airlines encourage the audience, especially young people, to board flights, seek out new experiences, and shake off their inertia after the prolonged disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the first time, five members of SpaceSpeakers collaborated on a single track, controlling the entire music production process for Vietnam Airlines’ theme song. Two leading producers of Vietnamese music, Touliver and SlimV, were in charge of orchestration, mixing, and mastering. The trio Binz, SOOBIN, and Rhymastic performed the vocals and raps. Director and member Kien Ung helmed the production of the music video.

In this SpaceSpeakers production, the audience will be treated to never-before-seen musical colors. With their usual Rap/Hip Hop flair, the theme song of Vietnam Airlines is uplifting and inspirational, urging listeners to board a plane and travel. The lyrics are intentionally simple to make a strong impression. The two lines that stand out, “Hurry up, hurry, hurry, don’t be late,” convey the message: act quickly while you can.

The theme song is the latest stop in a “connecting flight” between SpaceSpeakers and Vietnam Airlines as part of The Karman Line partnership agreement. Passengers on Vietnam Airlines flights will begin hearing the SpaceSpeakers-produced theme song during takeoff and landing on July 1. The piece will also be available on streaming services, allowing audiences to listen from anywhere in the world.

Mr. Vu Ha Quan, CEO of SpaceSpeakers, commented on the significant project between SpaceSpeakers and Vietnam Airlines: “I used to ask: ‘SpaceSpeakers has been creating musical products that appeal strongly to young people. Now what?’ My question was answered by the handshake with Vietnam Airlines for the historic milestone of The Karman Line, followed by the production of the theme song. Now, SpaceSpeakers music will accompany flights, touch the sky, and reach a wide range of listeners, not just making an impression on young people’s hearts.”

In November 2021, SpaceSpeakers and Vietnam Airlines signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement to develop activities and promote culture from 2021 to 2023. For the first time in Vietnam, a partnership signing ceremony was held on board an aircraft. SpaceSpeakers and Vietnam Airlines became strategic partners, embarking on development in a variety of sectors.

SpaceSpeakers was founded in 2011. For the past 11 years, SpaceSpeakers has affirmed its position as the leading music organization in Vietnam by releasing a series of musical hits that have taken the market by storm. In 2020 and 2021, SpaceSpeakers also played a critical role in making Rap Viet the most appealing game show in Vietnam’s entertainment market.

SpaceSpeakers and Vietnam Airlines are Vietnamese enterprises with similar development visions, linked by their love of music. Through the theme song, SpaceSpeakers and Vietnam Airlines want to send positive and inspirational messages to audiences from all walks of life.