With travel once again increasing, our passengers appreciate Vietnam Airlines’ constant efforts to offer the most innovative and impressive products and services.

Vietnam Airlines’ passengers are loving our latest innovations, from our new music video, “Hurry up!”, created in collaboration with Spacespeaker, to our brand-new 2022 inflight safety video, which is modern and youthful yet rich in culture, to our new passenger services at various “touch-points”.

Vietnam Airlines’ incredible cuisine has received attention in the Facebook group Yeu may bay and Du lich (Loving planes and travel). A post from an account named Huy Do Gia commented: “I often think cuisine served during flights is nothing special, but I’ve changed my mind after one bite of Banh hoi chao tom. Even better, I was given delicious mooncakes just in time for the Vu Lan Festival.”

“I really enjoyed the longans from Son La served on board (with Hung Yen longans soon to follow) during my flights with Vietnam Airlines,” said another reviewer, Nguyen Hoang Ha. “The fruit was delicious, with a satisfying and juicy bite. I heard that these longans need to be certified before they can be shipped to us. It was a significant challenge, but it was all worthwhile in the end.”

Vietnam Airlines pays close attention to all comments. Following a long period of difficulties and stagnation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our crew and staff take great joy in this positive feedback.

It’s our goal, vision, and mission to win customers’ hearts; become a leading airline in Asia that’s known for providing high-quality air transportation services; meet diverse clients’ needs; and achieve five-star service standards. During the pandemic’s enforced downtime, the national flagship airline kept working to research and develop our “Uplifting Service Culture” to meet these goals. With this message, we hope to spread positivity and inspire and encourage our team to work together toward a common goal.

To date, this has been the most extensive program in our airline’s development: we are on a bold and innovative mission to achieve five-star service standards. We have implemented an exclusive model devised by Ron Kaufman, who previously consulted for Singapore Airlines. Following the Uplifting Service model, Vietnam Airlines pursues a product that balances “hard assets” and “soft assets”, with personnel being the deciding factor in our operations.

We are actively promoting our digital experiences to improve our “hard assets”. Everything from accessing information to ticket booking and choosing additional services, such as selecting seats, booking extra baggage, filing health declarations, managing the boarding process, checking in bags, and managing miles for Lotusmiles’ members can now be swiftly completed via the Vietnam Airlines app or Zalo. With a few simple steps, passengers can save time and effort to enjoy a seamless flight. E-commerce platforms like VNAMALL and VNAMAZING will also provide a diverse range of tourism products, lodging options, and other high-quality products.

Our flights now include incredible entertainment programs designed to make your journey memorable. In addition to renowned magazines like Heritage and Heritage Fashion, our entertainment programs, provided by FPT Play, are always available at your seat, with a total runtime of more than 600 hours and a diverse collection of movies, music, TV shows, radio, and so on. Through our partnership with PressReader, we have provided over 7,000 publications in more than 70 languages from around the world, covering news, economics, travel, sports, and entertainment.

Our food service, of key note to every passenger, has changed significantly. Our Business class passengers will be served meals on fine new bone porcelain dinnerware that’s both stylish and manufactured for ultimate health safety. We are gradually replacing our Economy class food containers with more environmentally friendly materials. Each container customized to accommodate specific dishes like snacks, hot meals, and soups. 

During our domestic flights, Vietnam Airlines is also introducing unique Eurasian cuisine to both Business and Economy class passengers. Our menus are carefully crafted and overseen by members of Vietnam’s leading culinary associations.

“We look forward to serving the best Vietnamese cuisine to our passengers, such as bun cha Ha Noi, banh my sot vang, bun bo Hue, Quang noodles, vermicelli noodles mixed with grilled pork, hu tieu My Tho, cha ca Thang Long, and cha thit bo la lot,” explained Nguyen Phuong Mai, Deputy General Manager In-flight Services Division.

In addition to improving our “hard assets”, Vietnam Airlines is emphasizing our “soft assets”, with human resources as “the key element to differentiate and create long-term competitiveness”. The airline prioritizes training and human capital development, with the goal of increasing levels of knowledge, skills, spirit, and service attitudes, while encouraging all employees to act responsibly and inspire. Each of our flights is not only a series of high-quality experiences, but also an emotional journey, with each touch-point exuding Professionalism, Passion, Friendliness, and Vietnamese cultural heritage.

The last two difficult years were used to successfully improve and upgrade not only the service supply chain but also the spirits of our service-providers, resulting in a satisfying and impressive experience for our customers. We are “back and better than ever.”