Experience the brand-new personalized interface of Vietnam Airlines App

One of the essential steps to becoming a modern, digitalized airline is to personalize our services to bring the best, most convenient experience to our customers. This process is well underway at Vietnam Airlines.

The Vietnam Airlines mobile app has become a smart assistant for many of our passengers, supporting them when searching for flight schedule information, booking tickets with just three steps, making convenient payments, checking-in online, and obtaining flexible ticket refunds or exchanges. With the latest version, the Vietnam Airlines app has upgraded to a brand-new interface: When you log in using your Lotusmiles member account, the system will automatically change the color theme of its homepage and Lotusmiles page according to your membership tier.

  • Register tier: Features the default blue palette and sky background picture.
  • Silver tier: Features a grey – baby blue palette, with a snowy background and snow-white tone.
  • Titanium tier: Features a mallard green – midnight blue palette with a blue-sky background picture.
  • Gold tier: Features a yellow-copper gold palette and an impressive sunrise background picture.
  • Platinum tier: Features a navy blue – midnight blue palette with an evening sky background picture, adorned with mysterious meteors to create a luxurious atmosphere.

In addition to changing the interface, the app’s images, processing speed, and stability have all been optimized. Soon, Vietnam Airlines will add many more advanced new features to support customers anytime, anywhere.